I  enjoy looking at other people’s crafty/artsy dream or wishlist. I find that a wishlist can be very inspiring to others…as well as to oneself…so, I thought I’d post a “wishlist” here.

If you have a crafty/artsy dream or wishlist, you can link to it here in the comments if you like. I’d love to see your wishlist too!


alicia in Hawaii


added: 5/21/09

Long Dog sampler:




added: 4/18/09

Patricia Allison’s Seasonal Dragons:  Spring, Fall and Winter- link at ABC Stitch http://www.abcstitch.com/designers_php/designers.php?category=Patricia%20Allison

I don’t think I’d do them up on the same cloth as described. I’ve started the Summer Dragon on 32ct. so I’d probably go with that for the others as well.


added: 4/19/09

Wee Heiland Coo pocket : http://www.celticstitchery.com/TextileHeritage/TH_Pockets.htm

Bagpipes Keepsake Cross stitch kit: http://www.celticstitchery.com/ScotHeritage/T_Heritage/TraditionalScottish.htm

Scottish Thistle Keyring Cross Stitch Kit: http://www.celticstitchery.com/ScotHeritage/T_Heritage/ScottishFlowers.htm

Heraldic Thistle Miniature Cross Stitch Kit: http://www.celticstitchery.com/ScotHeritage/T_Heritage/ScottishFlowers.htm

Heiland Coo Keyring Cross Stitch Kit: http://www.celticstitchery.com/ScotHeritage/T_Heritage/HeilandCoo.htm

Heiland Coo Fridge Magnet Cross Stitch Kit: http://www.celticstitchery.com/ScotHeritage/T_Heritage/HeilandCoo.htm

Tartan Thistle Needlecase Cross Stitch Kit:  http://www.celticstitchery.com/ScotHeritage/T_Heritage/TartanThistle.htm

04 Celtic Hounds (12.5″ x 12.5″) Kit: http://www.celticstitchery.com/Celtic/CelticKits_Charts.htm

11 Celtic Animal Spirits (Available as a kit soon): http://www.celticstitchery.com/Celtic/CelticKits_Charts2.htm

Celtic Gilt Cushions: http://www.celticstitchery.com/Landmark/LandmarkCeltic.htm


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