Tutorial-Washing and Blocking Embroidery; Felt Tinted with Crayon 4 of 4

This fourth and last part of this tutorial process is where we allow the felt fabric dry at it’s own pace. It is the end to a gentle hand washing process. All the steps of the experiment are documented. Hopefully, it will clear up any questions or differences that may produce differing results.

Part 4 (Blocking (Drying) the Felt Fabric)


1. After washing the fabric, gently place the item on a clean towel. The ‘wetter’ the fabric, use an absorbent, thicker towel accordingly. For this little piece, I used a hand towel folded in half.

2. “Sandwich” the wet piece in between the folds of the towel.

3. Roll the towel up. Gently press on the towel. (I actually step on the rolled up towel. lol)

4. Unroll the towel. The piece should be damp but not soaked with water now. Place it on the towel, flat and ‘blocked’ into the final shape that you desire. Let it dry well before doing anything else with it.

This concludes the entire 4 of 4 Tutorial. 😉

I hope this helps.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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