Tutorial-Backing with Grossgrain Ribbon and Stitch Witch

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Separate from the post showcasing the final felt bookmarks with grossgrain ribbon backings, is this tutorial covering the procedure I followed to adhere the grossgrain to the felt bookmarks.

I hope you find it helpful. Please let me know if you try it and it works for you! I’m always hoping for comments.

Part 1, to begin ————————————-

Get some “Stitch Witch”. I think it is Stitch Witchery, adhesive, but, as you can see, my WalMart calls it Stitch Witch. 😉

Stitch Witch adhesive

Cut the Stitch Witch to match the width of the felt bookmarks. In this case the bookmarks are 1.5 in. wide and I used a rotary cutter and a cutting mat to trim to size.

Cut Stitch Witch

Gather all the materials. I have the stitched felt bookmarks, the Stitch Witch strips, and the grossgrain ribbon. I’ve heated the iron and have the ironing pad ready. Also get a thin sheet of material (muslin) to use as a cover sheet to protect your finished bookmark from any hot iron or glue residue.

Gather your Supplies

Let’s look at the end of the grossgrain ribbon. You will need some scrap Stitch Witch to finish the ends.

Get some Scrap Stitch Witch

To finish the end, fold under.

Fold raw edge under

Cut a small scrap piece of Stitch Witch to adhere folded end under.

Stitch Witch under foldCut to length of fold under

Hold the Stitch Witch in the fold, get ready to seal with heat from iron.

Hold in place to iron

Iron to melt Stitch Witch, sealing the raw end.

Seal with Iron to finish raw end

Part 2, make the sandwich of one end—

Layer the parts. The felt bookmark, the Stitch Witch strip, and the grossgrain ribbon should line up.

Line it up 1Line it up 2

Cover the bookmark sandwich to protect the fabric from marks made by the iron and from any glue stickies that may come from the Stitch Witch.

protect with a cloth

Press with a hot iron. Only press on the ONE END of the bookmark. You only want the END to sandwich together!

Start to seal sandwhich

The end is the only part sandwiched together. The rest of the bookmark should be free.

Part sealed, part not sealed

Part 3, make the sandwich in the middle—

Now, realign the sandwich parts to make sure the middle section is straight and lined up the way you want it.

Realign middle section

Cover with the protective cloth again to get ready to iron.

Cover the middle section to iron

Now press with the iron on the MIDDLE section. Do NOT iron the entire bookmark. Leave the other END free.

Press again for middle section

Check the middle section. It should be sandwiched together and the END should be free.

Leave the other End UNDONE

Part 4, fix the raw edge for the end cap—

The end has lots of material extending from it that needs trimming. Trim the Stitch Witch even to the felt bookmark.

trim Stitch Witch to edge of felttrim 2

Next, trim the ribbon. Leave enough at the end so that you can turn it under and slip some Stitch Witch under it.

trim ribbonribbon cut end

Fold it down to match the finished edges.

Fold end cap to test the edges

Hold it in place, get ready to iron it so that it will crease.

Hold the folded end in place

Press with hot iron to form a crease.

Press end cap with hot ironHere\'s your crease

Now, cut a scrap piece of Stitch Witch to fit in the folded crease.

Cut stitch witch for end capTrim end piece

Now sandwhich the Stitch Witch inside the crease to and get ready to press with the hot iron.

Place Stitch Witch into end creaseHold in place

Now press with hot iron.


Raw end is sealed.

end sealed

Part 5, Finish the bookmark sandwich—

Now, line up the finished ends.

Line up all ends

Cover with a protective fabric.

Cover to iron

Press with hot iron.

Press with hot iron


You are done!

The grossgrain ribbon is secured on the back of your felt bookmark and all the raw edges are neat and finished.


coffee doneCoffee done 2

You life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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