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Kiosk in Ala Moana Mall! (Hawaii)

As most have noticed, I’ve been a little MIA.

Here is what I’ve been working on!

ala moana kiosk front view

We got a call around mid May with a request to design and build a Kiosk display for a new venture in Ala Moana Mall, Hawaii!

We met with owner, Brandy, and walked the mall. She showed us all the things she liked and didn’t like about the current kiosks there already. After several days, I designed an angled, diagonal, shelving system for her, complete with her display requests that accommodate her needs for space,  for ‘openess’,  for organic beauty, for friendly approach-ability, for asymmetric beauty, and the icing, for her love of little tiles!

ala moana kiosk tiles

Hubby, John, and I built this from a very, very, large stock of raw materials. We built an elevated base for the kiosk which raises the products up 9″ from the permanent kiosk stand. That base has 3 locking doors and one ‘cubby’ space for her items. The entire surface of that stand is tiled with Sea-Glass tiles and matching beige ceramic tiles. The Sea-Glass is beautiful under the kiosk lighting!

ala moana kiosk lock drawer

One of the doors…complete with lock.

ala moana kiosk top view

The shelves are built to cut into the uprights that double as shelving aids and bookshelf ends. All the wood is dyed with aniline dye and polyurethaned with Professional Floor Grade Poly Varnish.

alal moana kiosk curved corners

One side is rounded for an inviting appeal! And of course…to mix it up some, just for fun!

ala moana kiosk side view 2

ala moana kiosk side view

Shelf angles…

ala moana kiosk shelves 2

and lots of space…

ala moana kiosk shelves

waiting to be filled.

ala moana kiosk diag

The diagonal not only makes it approachable, but it helps the seller too. There are no ‘blind spots’ on this display.

ala moana kiosk with display blocks

We also made tiered steps for product displays. There are also little info card boxes there on the shelves.

We installed this for her in Ala Moana Mall May 31, 2009 after the mall closed at 7p.m. She opened for business June 1 and has had terrific turn out since then.

And here it is in all it’s glory…In Action!!!

Natural Wellness by Brandy, Kiosk in Ala Moana Mall Hawaii

ala moana kiosk daylight in action 1

ala moana kiosk daylight in action 2

ala moana kiosk daylight in action 3

ala moana kiosk daylight in action 5

ala moana kiosk daylight in action 4

We visited her a couple of times to get a few photos of the kiosk in action.

We are so excited to know that our creation is viewed EVERY DAY by people of Hawaii and by people all across the world that come here to Hawaii to visit.

Congratulations Brandy! We are so excited to have been there with her for her opening. She and her family are wonderful thoughtful people. If you are in Hawaii stop by to see her. Her kiosk is on the Mauka side, direct center, just shy of Center Stage. She’d love to see you!

Please view the rest of the creation. The entire collection of photos are here: Photobucket Folder of Kiosk Pics

A really fun commission project inserted into our normal everyday business of home repair. 😉
Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! —
alicia in Hawaii
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