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Embroidery Tools- QSnaps and Embroidery Stand/Hoop Stand

QSnaps and Hoop stand

I’ve never really been fond of the embroidery hoop.

Even when doing cross stitch, I have held the fabric and sewn the stitches without a hoop. The wood hoops just don’t ‘feel’ right to me, which is somewhat surprising considering that I am a woodworker and love wood. For me, they feel tiny and rather flimsy. The fabric eases out of them, no matter what prep I’ve done for the hoop. The plastic hoops just don’t give off the right feel either. They feel more “fun” than the wood hoops, but they just lack serious stitching substance. To me, they are slippery, and for some reason, attract dirt. Yes, when I try to use them, there is a collection of dirty brown stuff that just always appears on the edge of the fabric. It’s an odd phenomenon. lol

So, when discovering hand embroidery this past March, I was dreading the ‘hoop’. Until I found the QSnap.

I shop at my local needle-fun store, Fiddlesticks. They have an inconspicuous little shelf in the back of the store with these little packages of plastic sticks. Hubby saw them and said, “Hey, look at these!”. He was convinced of their potential and insisted that I try several sizes of them. So, I have the 8″x8″ and the 11″x11″.

QSnap embroidery hoop

They are the best by any standard. At least for me they are!

They assemble by easily snapping together.

I can place “guards” (material strips) on the edges of the working fabric to keep any stray “magnetic dirt” from finding their its way to my working fabric.

I just place the fabric over the frame and ‘snap’ the edge holders on. Easy peasy.

If my fabric starts to loosen while I stitch, then I just gentle “turn” the snap cover until the fabric in taut again.

The frame is hefty. It has substance. It won’t fall out of my hand. It just feels good.

I was stitching several clusters of French Knots when hubby saw that I was balancing the QSnap between my knees to do ‘hands-free’ stitching. So, he did some research, went out to his wood shop, and built me this great stand.

Hands free embroidery stand

I sit cross legged everywhere. So, he made this stand so that I can tuck it right under my legs, in any direction, and stitch hands-free.

The QSnaps make all the difference. I can change the tension across the fabric with any little ‘twist’ from the QSnap cover.

The stand is fantastic! I can clamp in my QSnap hoop and sit and stitch. Here are the jaws that open and clamp to the QSnap. He formed the channels inside the jaws to match the QSnaps perfectly. It looks just like little face…with a little mouth.

stand\'s jawsopen your jaws

Just slip in the QSnap with the fabric…and tighten the jaws.

QSnap in hoop frameTighten the jaws on the Qsnap

It’s all ready to go!

QSnap and hoop stand all set up

The stand adjusts to angles, heights, and positions that I need and I can leave the QSnaps in the jaws and just put the whole stand and all away overnight and just pick it all back up again the next time with no extra prep.

And best of all, it is complete with hubby’s signature. (See the little heart…on the foot of the stand…his enclosure for me when completing the project!)

signature heart on hoop stand

Off to stitch the monkeys! I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours! What do you use to stitch with? Hoop? Frame? Stand? Tell us about it in the comments.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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