Crochet Along (CAL)…Week 2 Completed

The Week 2 CAL assignment had a few ‘options’. They are listed on Inner Hooker’s CAL blogsite as the following:

“Week 2 Assignment
there are a few options
1.  continue working 1 round per granny (complete through round 3 on all) **I will probably do this one
2.  work 10-12 complete grannies
3.  if you get bored working the same round work rounds 3 and 4 on 44 of them (you will do this again next week)”
I chose to hook all my centers to Round 3 on ALL. I wanted to see what they would all look like done up in full color.
All lined up like this, you can see how the colors will play out in the final line up. I’ll have to move them around a lot after the next few rounds to figure out a good placement for the color combinations. That one there in the middle, with the orange as a NEXT round was my first sample. I think I will pull the orange off the edging and make the next round all white. If the next round is white, my circles will stay ‘circular’ …if I add another round of color, the color blocks will appear ‘square’.
While trying to photo this set, I was met with clouds and a sneaky hiding sun. I thought you might like to see my challenge.
I thought I’d sidestep and take a few photos while waiting for that cloud to pass…
Once the sun peeked out around that cloud, I could see my line up across the yard.
Yay for Round 3 and catching up to Week 2! All in all, the colors are bright, deliver a fun, festive, happy feel, and will work well on a white background for the most accent. 🙂
You can still join along! Grab your hook and get some yarn…even if you just make a few…it’s fun to compare with all the other crochet hookers out there doing the same Crochet ALong. If you join in, be sure to leave a comment or link so we can all see your progress too!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –

alicia in Hawaii

Link for Pattern:

Link for CAL (crochet along):



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3 responses to “Crochet Along (CAL)…Week 2 Completed

  1. WOW, so may colors , lovely work!

  2. so nice work is done. Lovely to see these.

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