Crochet Along (CAL)…Week 1 Completed

My hook has been crazily swinging, catching and pulling to get this far this quickly.

These 90 or so centers have been done to Round 2! It’s been a giant logic puzzle as well…trying to think up the combinations of colors and setting them up so that they don’t repeat.

I’m really liking the colors! So bright and cheery and fun!

These colors need full sunlight to show them off for the camera.  I waited for the clouds to pass…

to set them up … on the grass…

If you’d like to join along, please follow the links, grab your yarn, your hooks and your pattern! Post a comment here too if you decide to ‘hook up’. 🙂

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –

alicia in Hawaii

Link for Pattern:

Link for CAL (crochet along):



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6 responses to “Crochet Along (CAL)…Week 1 Completed

  1. love the colors… what yarn are you using…? i saw this crochet along and am thinking of joining i just cant decide on what colors to use.. like you i have tons of bright colors didnt know what that would turn out like but i like what i see yours is awesome so far

  2. Great colors!! I decided on bright and cheery too

    • Jill,
      I just went to look at yours. Some of the same bright fun colors! Great start you have too. I’m interested to see how different each one ends up even though they start off a bit similar. 🙂
      alicia in Hawaii

  3. Mippy

    Oh! my! goooosh1 I looove the bright colors! Love love love! 😀 Way to go! 🙂

  4. Liane Barone

    How many skeins of each of the six colors did you need to complete the afghan

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