Crochet Along (CAL)…A Jump Start on Week 1

I recently posted about The Crochet Along with Inner Hooker. I’ve been hooking like crazy to try to catch up with the Crochet Along (CAL) that has been in progress without me.

Mad like a spider, my weaving and webbing has produced these in a day or so:

This is part of Week 1. We were supposed to finish 88 centers up to Round 2.  I made 90 centers… only through Round 1.  Now, I have to add the second color round on this one to catch up completely with Week 1.

Join along with us.! If you decide to do so, leave a comment and say your joining up.  Check out your stash or use this CAL as a great springboard to go yarn shopping. 🙂

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –

alicia in Hawaii

Link for Pattern:

Link for CAL (crochet along):


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