White on White Squares

As I am setting up my 100 squares, I am tackling some stitching logistics.

Here is one of my solutions. Instead of a pencil line or washable ink line, I’m trying white on white, backstitch outline, to delineate the squares.

This is over 2 threads, 40ct. fabric.

A 1″x1″ square

It’s mostly visible and I think it will be easy enough to embroider/stitch over as I add outlines for the “boxes” as they get stitched.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii



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9 responses to “White on White Squares

  1. This will be a fun project to watch develop! I love 40 count fabric – I’m working on it right now, as well.

    The white on white squares are perfect! Can’t wait to see how you fill them!

    • Thanks Mary!
      I hope that the developing project WILL develop. lol
      I have only just discovered 40ct. My LNS doesn’t sell much of it…
      Do you have a source for some different colored 40ct?
      Or dare I ask…a source for even SMALLER evenweave…even HIGHER than 40ct?
      alicia in Hawaii

  2. Oh wow, what a cool way to do your lines instead of just drawing with pencil or something…very cool! Can’t wait to see more…yay for a stitchalong!

    • Hi Linda,
      I thought that I would TRY to do the outlines in thread…
      I read that some people didn’t like the pencil or the drawing in line for different reasons.
      My problem was that the thickness of the pencil was wider than the
      grainline of the fabric.
      I’m glad we are both in this project. I look forward to all your progress as well.
      alicia in Hawaii

  3. Oh my goodness.. You must have very good eyesight! I was afraid to go too small with my fabric, so I went with 14 count aida cloth. I hope that was a wise decision for this project, working with only 1″ sized squares!… Love how you did white on white. I’m a crocheter most of the time, so this is definitely the biggest embroidery/cross stitch project I have ever done!.. I’m loving the project already, though! ~tina

    • Hi Beansieleigh (Tina),
      My eyesight is enhanced by MagEyes…using the STRONGEST lens they have! lol
      I have some very detailed teeny tiny ideas for my squares, so I need the 40ct. fabric…
      I LOVE CROCHET! We will have to babble about crochet some time…. 😉
      I’m sure this project will be fun for you…Hope to see you often.
      alicia in Hawaii

  4. thecraftaholic

    OMG it’s a perfect square! holy moly~! Woah.

    • thecraftaholic,
      lol…yes, I decided to COUNT the stitches across 2 threads…one of the advantages
      of evenweave…but…the ‘perfect’ shape really doesn’t matter…
      Thanks for commenting and thanks for stopping by.
      alicia in Hawaii

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