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The Scarlet Letter

Well…it is Scarlet…and it is a Letter…lol.

Here’s an embroidery project. And although the thread is not going to make the “A” scarlet, it is going on a scarlet velvet fabric.

First, here is the outside and flipside fabric. Outter bound, red…Inner bound black-ish.

I would like to embroider a Gold thread “A” in the lower corner of the Scarlet fabric. My plan: to get a hot iron transfer design onto the red fabric, then embroider with gold thread.

To get a good sample of my signature “A”, I blocked off a workable size by folding some printing paper and creating some size boundaries. Then, I just wrote in several “A”s and picked one of the samples as my final “A”.

After picking out  the “A” that I want, I got out my trusty Sulky Hot Iron Transfer Pen and some scissors.

To make the iron on transfer, trace the BACKSIDE/WRONGSIDE of the design with the Sulky Iron On Transfer Pen. Be sure to make the line dark so that it will transfer well. I used a brown pen here.

Now, cut apart the design area you need. Be sure that the sulky pen side, the reverse design is FACING the fabric. Here you see the reverse “A”.

Flip it over so that you see the RIGHTside of your design and place it where you want it. Here I have placed the “A” where I want it to be on the Scarlet fabric.

Heat the iron to cotton…apply heat to transfer…

and after a bit of heating and moving the iron to all the places in the design…


My Scarlet Letter is ready for embroidery! Now, let me get the gold thread ready!!!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii
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Hawaiian Flowers Cross Stitch

Hawaiian Flowers

For Christmas this year, I stitched up two Hawaiian flowers for my son’s In-Laws. His wife’s parents love Hawaiian themed items and each year, I’ve tried to make them something original for their house in the country. (Here in Hawaii, country is ‘North Shore’)

I stitched up a yellow ginger and bird of paradise on 18ct. aida and framed them in these dark, partly rounded wooden frames. They are all set to hang on their yellow wall!

These were pretty easy to stitch up. I think the pattern is from a long since discontinued pattern…I found it in my mom’s stash.


Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii
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Hawaiian Flower: Yellow Ginger

Hawaiian Flower: Bird of Paradise


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Some Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Creativity

I finally got a few photos off my son’s camera. He has such a good camera my computer simply cannot get the photos off the card…there is a lot of rigamaroll that has to happen to enable my puter to read the file. Mom needs a new computer…hint hint.   😉

So, without further ado, I give to you…a small collection of our handmade wrapping paper! All done with crayon on kraft paper!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii
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Wanting and Waiting

I have so many photos to upload…and so many embroidery and sewing projects that I just can’t wait to get to…

ahhh, but life calls.

We were just called in to install lighting in a shop downtown, then called to revisit the apt. we just remodeled to add a few more finishing touches, and we are due to create a kitchen island this Friday as well. I’m thrilled that we have some fantastic creative work that is paying off nicely!

Bear with me…I have the photos on disc and I have  stitching and sewing lined up for the Chinese New Year!

Please leave comments to share what it is that you are working on right now. I’d love to hear inspirational stories and project ideas.


alicia in Hawaii

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