Hawaiian Hapa Teddy Bear Boy and Girl

To prove that I have been sewing and stitching creations other than purses and bags…I bring to you…


*and…don’t be fooled. Sewing up 3D stuffed animals is WAAAAYYY harder and more difficult that sewing any purse or bag! Talk about digging deep for your sewing skills…  🙂 *

First the cute little girl. Complete with Honu (turtle) bikini and flower lei! (crochet lei)

And now, the Boy.  Showing off his Honu (turtle) boardshorts and his flower lei.

These were the most fun to make! I got to challenge myself a bit to create a pattern for the clothing…and of course…after crocheting all the lei for graduation after graduation and a wedding this year, I was happy to only crochet an itty bitty lei for the bears! 🙂

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii
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6 responses to “Hawaiian Hapa Teddy Bear Boy and Girl

  1. Judie

    Those little bears are absolutely adorable! You do beautiful work, just amazing.

  2. They are so cute. Congrats on your finishes.

  3. Nancy M

    Those are so cute and way beyond my sewing skills!!

  4. Those are adorable, are you selling any of them? The reason I ask, is that in the next year, I am opening up a handcrafted baby boutique, and would love to (if finances work out) feature some artists work from outside of our local area as well as within the state of Oregon. These are too cute not to love!

  5. kids love stuffed animal because they are very cute and soft to touch “”

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