Christmas Candy Canes and Snowman Winter Totes, Project Bags and Purses

Creations of items and … a Pattern!

I’ve been busy creating some fantastic fun items! I have been cutting and sewing all kinds of fabric and this is what I have so far to post about.

The first 2 bags are great practical sized totes. I’ve done up several trials of sizes and proportions of this overall style and I absolutely love the combinations of this ‘model’.

I’ve loaded them with knitting supplies as project totes to show how they work wonderfully for projects.

Here’s a peek.

I’m working on cutting and sewing up a few more of this size and construction. While I construct them I will be creating a pattern or photo tutorial for it. Think a pattern would be a good idea?


This next on is my most favorite for a purse or bag. I love the size and the handy pockets key fob! It’s a little taller and more ‘square’ than the first two. I can get a LOT into this bag.


I’ve added a button on the right linking to my ArtFire Studio. My creations that I blog about are items that I have a LOT of fun making.  Some of them end up in my Studio. 🙂

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii
See my ArtFire Studio!



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2 responses to “Christmas Candy Canes and Snowman Winter Totes, Project Bags and Purses

  1. Debra

    These are wonderful. A pattern would be great.

  2. Cissy

    Love these totes!!! please include a pattern. I am having a snowman party for my granddaughter and a few of her friends, I would love to make smaller versions of these for take home gifts. thanks again for a wonderful idea

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