Halloween Tote Bags-Purses

Sewing. Fabric. Fun.

hall grn cameo

hall grn overall 2

hall grn int 2

This is what happens when I am left alone with some fun Holiday fabric, a sketch pad and some ideas!

I sketched out a few designs for some Roomy, Sturdy, Comfortable purses/totes.  I created these…from scratch!

hall blk cameo

hall blk overall 2

hall blk int overall

They are made from cotton fabric, lined with heavy duty canvas. They have interior pockets…large for all kinds of goodies and small for the cell phone that everyone has to fish out of the bag every time it rings or buzzes. AND …they have a loooonnnngggg tab/strap equipped with a key ring and clip to hold…yes, those keys that somehow always fall to the bottom of the bag! Overall size, 11x11x5!

What do you think?

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii
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14 responses to “Halloween Tote Bags-Purses

  1. Your bags are looking fantastic. Reminds me that I have fabric here precut already for a bag. Which I should start!!
    Love your design. And what a smart idea to add a key strip.

  2. Elizabeth

    They look great, I love the black eye fabric.

  3. I LOVE this bag! Makes me wish I knew how to use my sewing machine. Think you could teach me really fast so I can make one? LOL. Love the fabric too! It’s great.

  4. Karen

    Nice bags. I’ve been making shopping bags out of the “what was I thinking” fabrics and giving them as gifts. No pockets, very simple, but sturdy and useful. Yours are much prettier — and I love the Halloween fabrics. Might have to make a Halloween bag for myself.

  5. i love the fabric…especially the skelletons. where in hawaii? i lived on kauai for about 35 years and left may 07 to live in the upper penninsula of michigan with my sweetie…hes a yooper.

    • Susan,
      The skeletons were the inspiration to the whole bag! 🙂
      I am on Oahu. Kauai is beautiful…much like our UN or LESS Developed areas…although
      I hear that Kauai is getting their share of cement nowadays…I’d sure bet you miss it here…
      MICHIGAN yikes! What a weather change!
      alicia in Hawaii

  6. Looks good. I usually do not like Halloween fabric but yours are so much fun and look great together.

  7. This is the cutest bag. I didn’t know so many people liked this holiday.

    Thanks for stoping by my blog.

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