Embroidery Project with Cross Stitch- Papillon 2009 SAL, Castles in the Air, Part 1

Delicate, Light, and rather Elegant!

pap part1 portrait

I’ve never been one for samplers, but lately, the email groups that I’m part of have chatted about Papillon Creations’ 2009 Stitch Along Mystery Sampler, Castles in the Air.  You are supposed to use the 10 charted colors and choose 11 colors on your own to finish off the color chart. I took to the challenge and sought out  fabric, thread and beads that I had on hand and decided to join in.

pap part1 view 1

This is my Mystery Sampler after completing Part 1. I purchased both the cross stitch version and the specialty version of the SAL. I decided to stitch the specialty version simply because I LOVE EMBROIDERY! Surface embroidery is still my all time favorite needle and thread creation, and this SAL has been surprisingly enjoyable.

pap part1 view 4

The photos don’t show all the ‘bling’  and glitter that really is on this canvas. I used a ‘Vintage Gold’ metallic thread as my one specialty thread. It’s a black with a gold twist wound around it. All in all it gives this part, the Formal Garden, a look of wrought iron. I just love it!

pap part1 view 3

I love this pinkish color. I think these flowers look like hibiscus.

pap part1 view 2

I didn’t keep the original 10 colors assigned. Yes, I know… I cheated. I changed the blues to match the other colors that were free choice. My new ‘peacock blues’ match the hues of my other choices now.

This is the photo that I sent in to be uploaded on Papillon Creations website. Hopefully, my Part 1 will show up here soon.

aliciaInHawaii Papillon SAL part 1 PHOTO

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!
alicia in Hawaii



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16 responses to “Embroidery Project with Cross Stitch- Papillon 2009 SAL, Castles in the Air, Part 1

  1. Rene la Frog

    Looks awesome! Love your color choices.

  2. mary in TX - ILCS

    It looks wonderful. Can not wait to see part two. Love the colors

  3. Your choice of colors is simply fantastic Alicia. Love love love it. Beautiful stitching as well. Looking forward to see more.

  4. Carissa

    Alicia…..it looks beautiful! Your colors just look gorgeous together.

  5. Carla-ILCS

    Looks very nice. Congrats on the finish of Part One.

  6. The beads add such dimension. Congrats on finishing part 1.

  7. Mel

    So glad you decided to join us in this SAL Alicia!
    It looks fantastic so far! 🙂

  8. Lee

    I love the look of that. Very elegant.

  9. helen

    This looks really lovely, love the idea of choosing your own thread colours.

  10. mollycaff

    I love the colours you’ve chosen, your SAL is very pretty!

  11. Nancy M

    Very pretty part one. I joined this one too, just haven’t decided on colors. But I love seeing WIP from others.

  12. Robyn in Oz (ILCS)

    This is fantastic! Great colour choices!

  13. Wow… That is so gorgeous!

  14. I love it on linen! It’s so elegant. I’m stitching mine on aida because I haven’t mastered linen yet.

  15. Hello, I just happened to come across your blog via some of your cross stitch pictures and I just had to comment on the lovely “kitchen stitcheries” with the beads. They are fabulous.
    I too have started the “Castles…” peice (however late) and discovered how much I really like the sparkle that the beads add.
    All lovely stitcheries.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Tammy T.

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