Cross Stitch Project- Seasonal Dragons “Summer”, Patricia Allison Chart

Sparkly filament, dark threads…and great linen!


Great Dragon Fun!


My Birthday was April 7th. I decided to take the gift money given to me by my wonderful teacher friend, Joann, and spend it on this wonderful chart.

I ordered the chart online, on my birthday April 7, from Clare, Clare’s Celtic Cornucopia, Normally, I would purchase from my local store, but my store, as well as several online stores don’t seem to have the “Summer” dragon listed with their suppliers. Clare has an easy to use site, great descriptions, a detailed shopping list/cart and an easy checkout. She also answers email quite quickly and is very helpful.

I had almost all of the threads and filaments required for this piece…enough to at least start it anyway. (I have the little Kreinik sampler boxes of just 10M each of lots of colors…thanks to a wonder artist hubby that bought them while we were still displaced out of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.)


I created my own thread board with some foam board, a magnet strip, and lots of loaded needles!

Wonderful Hubby took me to Fiddlesticks, our Local Needlework Shop, for my birthday outing and he picked out a great linen for this piece. We opted against the grey the model was stitched on and went with the complement of red…GREEN. He loves getting art supplies, and even though we have zero money, he bought me some great supplies there with HIS birthday money…(his BD is March 22) Clare was so nice to send me the supply list via email so that I could shop for my birthday. I didn’t have to wait for the pattern to arrive in the mail!

The pattern arrived Friday, April 10 in the late afternoon. I got busy with marking off the linen…and getting to the chart. After ONE FULL DAY of stitching on Saturday, I got this first little stone dragon done in the edging.


Whoo hoo!!!!! It’s stitched on 32ct. linen, over 2 threads. The holes seem very, very tiny. After stitching up the majority of the stone area, I decided that the thread was too bulky. (The pattern calls for 2 thread and 1 filament.) I’ve decided to reduce the stitching to 1 thread and 1 filament. Hopefully, the coverage will be satisfactory. Everything there that is stitched, aside from the greys, are blended with some type of shiny filament. I can’t ‘capture’ the sparkle…but believe me, it’s there!

To give you an idea of HOW FAR ALONG this all is within the BIG picture…


…did I mention that took me ONE FULL DAY to get done?


Money well spent for LOTS of ENTERTAINMENT TIME!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


alicia in Hawaii


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12 responses to “Cross Stitch Project- Seasonal Dragons “Summer”, Patricia Allison Chart

  1. Debbie Jo ILCS

    Wow! Fantastic start!

  2. Rene la Frog

    Very nice start….looking forward to watching you progress on “Summer”

  3. You’ve made a great start, this is going to be fantastic when it is finished. I like the linen your husband chose too

  4. JenniLynn

    Nice start. I can’t wait to see more.

  5. Heidi

    Happy Belated birthday! You have made a nice start on the Dragon. I like the green fabric!

  6. Woo hoo, Alicia!
    Sounds like a wonderful BD and you have made a great start to your dragon!

  7. Nancy M

    Even though it’s a tiny piece it already has lots of detail in it. You will love the outcome!

  8. Patricia Cecilia

    Great start to a really fun pattern! Your DH is a keeper–how neat that his interests complement your hobby.

  9. Robyn in Oz

    Looks great so far. Good use of BD money. Think you will have lots of enjoyment with this pattern.

  10. Great start Alicia. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy stitching this great chart, which means money very well spent indeed. It will be fun to watch it grow. Lovely fabric.

  11. Wanda

    I agree with you about the green linen Vs the grey linen they called for. I was kitting this up for a friend after having won the pattern and threads on eBay for a song a couple years ago. The colour of linen that they asked for did nothing for the threads.

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