Cross Stitch Project – Mill Hill “Kitchen Collection” Cupcake and Mixer

Shiny, shimmering, glorious beads!



I love my local needlework shop, Fiddlesticks Hawaii. They brought these kits in for me…just to tantalize my addiction to stitching. 😉

Each of these were lots of fun to stitch up. The colors are just…well…”fun”. There is something about them, that when viewed in person, make them almost mesmerizing. Here is the Mixer. Kit is Mill Hill, “Kitchen Collection”, Mix It Up. Design by Debbie Mumm.



Here is the Cupcake. Kit is Mill Hill, “Kitchen Collection”, Lil’ Cupcake. Design by Debbie Mumm.



The one area that is not that much ‘fun’ to tackle on these projects is that little strip of red or green below the main picture. That can get rather tedious and it is very easy to make mistakes there since the greens and reds are scattered so. I started each of the projects there…at that boring band. I saved the fun stuff for last!

I also stitched and beaded at the same time. Some folks like to complete all the stitching first then return to do all the beading. These projects are so small… I didn’t think it would hurt to bead while stitching along.

I have the other kits in the Mill Hill Kitchen Collection and as soon as I finish up the Elephant I am stitching up, then I’ll continue with the rest.

…maybe I’ll make the Toasty Toaster

…no…maybe the Bowls…yikes! So many to choose from!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


alicia in Hawaii


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17 responses to “Cross Stitch Project – Mill Hill “Kitchen Collection” Cupcake and Mixer

  1. These are adorable, Alicia! Can’t wait to see the others!

  2. mary in TX - ILCS

    They are very lovelly. Thinking I may stitch them myself,

  3. Rene la Frog

    Those are adorable. I love Mill Hill kits and have done lots of their Christmas ornaments in the past.

  4. These are SOOOOO cute! You did such a lovely job (and you’re wonderful at enabling, too!) 🙂

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  6. Heidi

    Those are great kits. I really enjoy Mill Hill Bead kits. I hadn’t seen the kitchen collection before. Great job!

  7. Oh, yes! Seeing them stitched has now made them the top of the To Do List. They are wonderful. Debbie always comes up with beautiful colors.

  8. Gabi

    Adorable. Looking forward to see the others as well

  9. These are very pretty! I have done some wine things in beads, but these kitchen patterns are great too!

  10. Nathalie

    These are so incredibly cute! And you did a fantastic job stitching them up!

  11. I love your Kitchen Designs! They’re so cute! You did a great job on them. I have one Mill Hill picture to do but it is on perforated paper. I’m not sure I will like that, but we’ll see.

  12. OMG I love these!!!

    You did a really great job on these AND you’ve shown me yet another pattern that I have to get. How adorable!!!

    Congrats on the finishes!!

  13. Super cute ❤ Isn’t it fun how much the beads add to the stitching? Very nice projects 🙂

  14. Lena Soka

    WOW!! These cross stitch kits are so pretty, cute and adorable. Thanks for posting those pictures. They are definitely a ‘must have’. I am looking forward to see more of your finished projects in this collection.

  15. we will be buying more christmas ornaments these christmas because we like to decorate more :-`

  16. I’m undertaking something of the same interest and taking be aware with this .Thanks a lot.

  17. silvina

    hi soy silvina de santa fe y quisiera saber si me podrias enviar los graficos de mill hill ya que no los consigo. thankyou

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