Cross Stitch Project – Mill Hill Wildlife Elephant

If you view and elephant from the side…you might see…elephant-cross-stitch-fun-cp1

See all the beads.

See all the stitches.

Changing gears, yet again, here is my newest time interest. Mill Hill comes out with new bead kits every so often and once in a while I find something that catches my fancy.My local shop here, Fiddlesticks, ordered this one special just for me.

Look at this! It was just too adorable to pass up…and I have the perfect space to display it while ‘gently reminding’ people that “I’ll never forget”…heehee…<evil grin>


I actually started off back into cross stitch with Mill Hill’s release of their “Kitchen Collection” (which will be my next post) and from those two pieces I stitched up, I moved onto doing just this little elephant.

I just love the texture, colors and shimmer of the beads. The complementary colors are done well in this piece and makes it just irresistible in my book! Had to get my artsy hands on this one.


After picking it up yesterday at the shop, I’ve gotten this far today with it. These kits usually take me 2 days to complete…so lets hope that tomorrow or the next day will show us a full grown, stitched shiny blue elephant!


Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

alicia in Hawaii


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12 responses to “Cross Stitch Project – Mill Hill Wildlife Elephant

  1. Yes, those are lovely colors on the elephant, but the Debbie Mumm Kitchen Collection are definitely MUST HAVEs. What to stitch first? Toasty? Easy as Pie?

  2. Kathryn,
    Yes! The Debbie Mumm Kitchen Collection is great! I’ve stitched up the Blender and the Cupcake so far. After this Elephant (which is also Debbie Mumm) I am thinking of stitching the Toasty Toaster…or maybe the cute bowls…;)
    alicia in Hawaii

  3. Rene la Frog

    Very cute elephant….looking forward to seeing it finished

  4. Beads always add a lovely dimension to cross stitch, this looks like a fun project. There is something about elephants that make them adorable

    • Hi Jane,
      It really is a fun and fast project. The beads add a LOT to it!
      With this the beads are petite beads…a little more trouble than
      a full size bead to pick up on the needle, but none the less really
      enjoyable to work with.
      alicia in Hawaii

  5. Gabi

    Gorgeous. I love projects with cross stitch and beads. And your stitching is lovely too.

  6. Debbie Jo ILCS

    Adorable! Great job so far.

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  8. Cute elephant. I love Mill Hill things myself! And have done several. I haven’t seen any of these before.

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