Merry Christmas!

Last year, we didn’t have much of a Christmas. It was minimal and very subdued. This year, we are thankful that we are all together and that we’ve all helped each other get a little settled. We have 3 generations here together…and my son has his fiancee here with us as well. (They got engaged Nov. 1!) There are six of us, 60’s, 40’s and 20’s. 😉

We just finished our living room floor in time for Thanksgiving…so we have a tree there this year!


It’s covered in some bought ornies…and some new and yesteryear handmade goodies. My mom made these just this year.


and amazingly, after uprighting it, it somehow ‘grew’ presents!


Hubby and I have wrapped gifts in plain butcher paper for years now…we’ve painted, stamped, and drawn on the paper in the past…this year…we used old plain crayons!


And we have a small skinny tree in the kitchen…


Last year, this was our one and only tree. This year it dons the kitty ornaments, some mini crochet, some amigurumi, some cross stitch, and some collectibles.


My mom filled the rest of the tree with little stuffed doggie toys for Mr. MacKenzie. She gets a big kick out of him wiggling and shaking, wanting to raid the tree. She makes him wait for the goodies…and from today on, he’ll get one a day out of the tree until they are all gone. (Entertainment for both of them!)


Hubby and I made up a stocking pattern this year and decided against names on the socks. We used bands of fabric, matched to the personalities of the ‘owners’…<evil grin>…to identify each stocking.


Cats, collection of ‘junk’, ukulele, dragons, monkey, wizard…our misfits.


As if by magic, they somehow got filled up as well. Everyone is wondering who did what…

We are still waiting for the fun to start…as my son is still AWOL with his girlfriend. We are giving them just a few more short moments to show up…then we are tearing into the goodies!

May your holidays be fun and memorable!


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4 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. my first christmas here last year was small but this year i have my grand daughter, lanakila, and it has been a joy. she and my husband put together a piece of atlas, loving words and toy jet…this was the jet i would fly to see my beautiful grandson max, who i have never met yet, in salt lake city. i will be going in april. i am so very excited! hope you had a very happy christmas and have a very merry new year….mele kalikemaka 🙂

  2. Vianna

    Happy New Year!
    Love your Christmas decorations – isnt it such a pity that they must come down now …?!?
    We had a nice, peaceful Christmas here (Florida). They’re not like they used to be, but the Spirit remains. Both my father and father in law passed away these past couple of years. So much was different when they were alive … Now we look forward to a new year – and maybe it will be better than last year … or at least, let’s hope it wont be as bad as they say it will be …
    Best wishes, V.

  3. Hope all is well with you and your. Just wanted to tell you that you are missed. *smile*

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