Sewing Project- Christmas Candy Wristlet



Here it is! The accessory to the Christmas Candy Purse. The Christmas Candy Wristlet!


I will have to say it is one of my most favorite patterns and I have made it more times over than I have shared here on blog…(bad me, …bad.)

I found the pattern via my blog reader…because I am an avid reader of Oh, Fransson. (I’m warning you now, if you dare to click there, you WILL get the SEWING BUG! Her blog is FANTASTIC and very inspiring!) There she shared her Friday Wristlet patterns. These are some handy dandy creations! Very versatile.

I used simple, easy to find, key chain-type hardware for the zipper pull attached tomy wristlet strap…


Lined the handle with LIGHT interfacing, the wristlet with Duck Cloth and Medium Interfacing.


and used a 7″ zipper…


and included the interior pocket.


Now,  it can be used as a wristlet/wallet or…


a cute accessory INSIDE my Christmas Candy Purse! Mine is holding the Christmas ‘fun money’… 😉 It helps to keep it FAR away from the …*bill money*… a handy thing, you know!


Together, they make a great pair!


How about you? Want to make a set for yourself too?


Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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10 responses to “Sewing Project- Christmas Candy Wristlet

  1. This is really very, very neat Alicia! I love the idea. I’m going to have to try these.

  2. You never stop to amaze me…love it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  3. Mwah hahahahahha! I love the two together – very nice! But I had to laugh at your question: “Want to make a set for yourself, too?”

    I thought… NO. I want THAT set!

    Nice job, as usual! I’ve got to get better at that whole finish work thing!

    • Mary…you are too funny!
      I had to laugh and giggle all night last night after ready your response…
      “NO. I want THAT set!”…I can just hear you saying that…and …there have been
      many posts that I’ve read on other blogs …and thought THE SAME THING!

      Maybe I need an Etsy store? LOL
      alicia in Hawaii

  4. Emily

    Beautiful bag and I love the accessories!

  5. Your candy fabric is so yummy. It’s sophisticated yet playful and modern. Wonderful job on the purse and matching wristlet. You’re going to look so stylish in your new holiday duo.

    • Aloha Lettie!
      What great descriptors!
      Thank you for such wonderful praise. 😉
      I’ve been out and about with my duo…and most people notice it…and
      those that do really love it! (at least that is what they say…) 😉
      alicia in Hawaii

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