Sewing Creations-Christmas Candy Purse

Xmas Candy Purse

Xmas Candy Purse

I started cutting fabric for this little purse Saturday night at 10p.m. I had it sewed together by midnight! 😉

I had ordered the fabric from Bee Sew Happy a few months back when I added it on to my banana fabric for my Monkey Purse. When I found the wonderful banana print I reasoned that I may as well add a few other fabrics to the mix to make the  shipping to Hawaii worth it. (Well…it’s TRUE…right?!)

As I have done up many other holiday items while toiling at the sewing machine here the past few weeks…this fabric has been calling me. It’s so bright and cheery…I just love it! I did make another purse (post soon to come) and it is also red and white…but this fabric just HAD to be made up this year!

So, as I perused FREE sewing patterns on the net…I found this great site: Henrietta’s Handbags and Purse Patterns. They have a little link at the bottom of thier site for “Free Craft Ideas for Handbags”…so I took a LONG look at all of those and picked out a few. From that find, I decided on the Signature Style Tote by Indygo Junction. After printing the pattern and figuring out what piece went where…I ended up with this!


I changed the handles to connect to rings. I like my handles to flop down easily when I put it down. candy-purse-mag-snap-and-strap-close-up

I also changed the button closure feature to a magnetic purse snap. Those magnets are a LOT easier to deal with than any fussy button.


I added 2 inside pockets…


and it is lined with fusible pellon (Decor Bond, heavy weight) AND Duck Cloth.  This is a sturdy little creation.


Now…all I have to do is figure out WHERE TO GO so I can show it off a little!

Hmm…maybe I can talk hubby into ANOTHER fabric shop trip?! What do you think?

*Sunday afternoon…I created a little accessory for this cutie…maybe that will be the NEXT post…  😉

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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19 responses to “Sewing Creations-Christmas Candy Purse

  1. Elaina

    This is so cute, I’ve been over here drooling with envy. I love reds and it’s perfect for the holidays. And you’re right, it looks like so much fun!

  2. Anna

    How very clever, really lovely and so well made.
    Anna 🙂

  3. Linda42c

    Your purse is just great for the holiday season. Thanks for sharing. You did a great job!

  4. Darling!! I love this little bag! & Your finish work always looks terrific!

  5. What an adorable bag! How creative! Fun too. I enjoy whipping up punch-needle projects but this is great. I love the colors as well. Keep them coming. I added your site to my favs. Heart Kat

  6. Sue

    OMGosh, Alicia, what an adorable purse! Perfect to use all through December. And yes, your reasoning is perfectly true… you MUST make that shipping count for all it can!

    • Hi Sue!!!
      How are things with you and yours?! I’ve been reading your blog too!
      I’m glad you like the purse…I’ll have to switch out of it part of December…
      I made ANOTHER red/white one…and have plans for a SnowMan one…and Still have a Santa Hat purse on the machine. Yes, I will HAVE TO GO OUT AND ABOUT, right, to make these purses count! (another great reasoning trick, right?!)
      I mean, after all, I made them all up…hubby just HAS to take me gallavanting… lol
      alicia in Hawaii

  7. what a beautiful bag! you made nice fabric choices too.

  8. Vianna

    The colors are heavenly! Your work is always inspiring. I never made a purse – I’d like to try some day.

    • Awww Vianna…
      I’m flattered that you find my work inspiring. I’m so
      glad to hear that.
      If you’ve never made a purse, this one isn’t too bad
      as a first. It’s like a basic tote…with just a little ‘fun’
      add in with the flap closure.
      I’m glad you like it.
      alicia in Hawaii

  9. Bellisimo, la prolijidad y combinacion de colores excelente.

  10. Liz

    I love this purse! How adorable. And I love that fabric. I tried to find it online. Do you remember who made the print? Thank you!

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