Sewing Stash Christmas Prezzie

Great Stash!


Hubby surprised me with a trip to the fabric store! To get whatever I wanted in Stash Fabric…all for my surprise Christmas Prezzie! I bought these in 1/2 yd. quantities. I can’t wait to make all kinds of great projects with this stack!

We gave up trying to get things and sneak them in…most times we are too smart to sneak up on. 😉

I bought him raw materials to create his animation puppets and he got me raw materials too. Right now, my need for raw material stash includes FABRIC!

As I posted prior…hubby and I put together a quilt top…IN ONE DAY! We both have the sewing bug right now and we’re running with it.   I’ve made 10 Christmas quilts…and gave them away on Thanksgiving day…several sewn purses too! …photos soon to come! (I’m resizing and collecting the photos to share…really, I am…in between purse sewings  😉 )

I just really needed to share my wonderful gift. Enjoy!


Let’s all share our stash photos. Go ahead, leave a comment with a link to your stash photos.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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8 responses to “Sewing Stash Christmas Prezzie

  1. Eileene

    WOW!!!You must’ve been real good for santa hubby to let ya spend the day in the fabric shop. Does he give lessons? My Frank could sure use some. He’s a woodworker and me I do a little of every craft. Wow!!! Ain’t we blessed? Eileene aka noiseynana

    • Hi Eileene!
      Hubby is GREAT! He spends his time in there with me…at the fabric shop. He’s a terrific artist and includes fabric in his talents. He’s often said that the sewing machine is just another power tool. 😉
      As far as lessons…he IS a really good teacher too…so…I’m sure he’d consider nudging a few hubby santas in the right direction.
      Thanks for leaving a comment!
      alicia in Hawaii

  2. lovestitches

    Wow, 10 quilts! No wonder you needed a fabric top up! And hubby is a lot braver than my boyfriend. Yesterday he dropped me at the fabric store and came back after an hour to get me!

    • Lovestitches,
      You gotta get that boyfriend INTO the shop…how else is he going to impress everyone while he pays the bill! 😉 lol
      The quilts I made weren’t pieced…but I did grab a stash of quilt magazines and we both found several very interesting. So he volunteered to learn to cut the pieces and I volunteered to do the sewing!
      Thanks for commenting!
      alicia in Hawaii

  3. Carolyn Geoffrey

    Wow Alicia!! Such beautiful material. I can’t wait to see what you make with all of it.

    Looking forward to your photos.

    • Thanks Carolyn!
      I’m so overloading with all the fabric …I just don’t even know where to START! I still have xmas prints to work up into …I don’t know…SOMETHING or other…maybe purses or something like that…I’m revved up to get started on that bright fabric! Nice and sunny…like our days here.
      Thanks for the comment.
      alicia in Hawaii

  4. Anna

    Beautiful fabrics Alicia. I’m not a patchworker, but my daughter is and would love a stash like yours. Am looking forward to seeing your finished products. 🙂

    • Hi Anna,
      I’m glad my stash is worthy of some outside adoration!
      I can’t wait to finish up my xmas items to get to this stash stack. I’ll be sure to post pics of my goodies.
      Thanks for posting a comment. I really appreciate it.
      alicia in Hawaii

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