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Merry Christmas!

Last year, we didn’t have much of a Christmas. It was minimal and very subdued. This year, we are thankful that we are all together and that we’ve all helped each other get a little settled. We have 3 generations here together…and my son has his fiancee here with us as well. (They got engaged Nov. 1!) There are six of us, 60’s, 40’s and 20’s. 😉

We just finished our living room floor in time for Thanksgiving…so we have a tree there this year!


It’s covered in some bought ornies…and some new and yesteryear handmade goodies. My mom made these just this year.


and amazingly, after uprighting it, it somehow ‘grew’ presents!


Hubby and I have wrapped gifts in plain butcher paper for years now…we’ve painted, stamped, and drawn on the paper in the past…this year…we used old plain crayons!


And we have a small skinny tree in the kitchen…


Last year, this was our one and only tree. This year it dons the kitty ornaments, some mini crochet, some amigurumi, some cross stitch, and some collectibles.


My mom filled the rest of the tree with little stuffed doggie toys for Mr. MacKenzie. She gets a big kick out of him wiggling and shaking, wanting to raid the tree. She makes him wait for the goodies…and from today on, he’ll get one a day out of the tree until they are all gone. (Entertainment for both of them!)


Hubby and I made up a stocking pattern this year and decided against names on the socks. We used bands of fabric, matched to the personalities of the ‘owners’…<evil grin>…to identify each stocking.


Cats, collection of ‘junk’, ukulele, dragons, monkey, wizard…our misfits.


As if by magic, they somehow got filled up as well. Everyone is wondering who did what…

We are still waiting for the fun to start…as my son is still AWOL with his girlfriend. We are giving them just a few more short moments to show up…then we are tearing into the goodies!

May your holidays be fun and memorable!


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Mystery Project- “Blue” has Eyes…

A picture is worth many words…


Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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Mystery Project-“Blue”



A pile of plush Bright Blue Fur


What could this BECOME?


added to some bright pink… Fun!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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Crochet Project-Santa Purses

I really do love to crochet.


As a little girl, my mom tried and tried to get me to crochet and do lots of other crafty things.

I watched.

I tried.

I didn’t do much with it.

Somewhere in my early 30’s I must have hatched my artist self…because now…I cannot keep my hands off any handy dandy crafty materials!

In between embroidery …and now quilting…and sewing up purses and blankies…I managed to squeeze in not one, but 2 Santa purses.


These are made up for 2 very special little girls. My mom’s BEST relative, cousin Frances, has 2 little granddaughters that live in the same building with her. (They did all live together, now they live in the same building.) These happy faces are on route to them…to a new home in Seattle!

I found this cute pattern at E-Patterns Central. Because the kids are still very little, I changed the eyes from buttons to embroidered granitos. I also left the pompom off the hat. (Safety first!)


As you can see, each Santa purse is complete with a McDonald’s Arch Card…a special Hawaii edition Arch Card…one with the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island and one with a surfer, no doubt suring North Shore or Sandy Beach!


Each little girl has their own purse and an Arch card for at least one Happy Meal each. They can dress it up for a Christmas outing…maybe with Grandma Frances!


Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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Sewing Project- Christmas Candy Wristlet



Here it is! The accessory to the Christmas Candy Purse. The Christmas Candy Wristlet!


I will have to say it is one of my most favorite patterns and I have made it more times over than I have shared here on blog…(bad me, …bad.)

I found the pattern via my blog reader…because I am an avid reader of Oh, Fransson. (I’m warning you now, if you dare to click there, you WILL get the SEWING BUG! Her blog is FANTASTIC and very inspiring!) There she shared her Friday Wristlet patterns. These are some handy dandy creations! Very versatile.

I used simple, easy to find, key chain-type hardware for the zipper pull attached tomy wristlet strap…


Lined the handle with LIGHT interfacing, the wristlet with Duck Cloth and Medium Interfacing.


and used a 7″ zipper…


and included the interior pocket.


Now,  it can be used as a wristlet/wallet or…


a cute accessory INSIDE my Christmas Candy Purse! Mine is holding the Christmas ‘fun money’… 😉 It helps to keep it FAR away from the …*bill money*… a handy thing, you know!


Together, they make a great pair!


How about you? Want to make a set for yourself too?


Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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Sewing Creations-Christmas Candy Purse

Xmas Candy Purse

Xmas Candy Purse

I started cutting fabric for this little purse Saturday night at 10p.m. I had it sewed together by midnight! 😉

I had ordered the fabric from Bee Sew Happy a few months back when I added it on to my banana fabric for my Monkey Purse. When I found the wonderful banana print I reasoned that I may as well add a few other fabrics to the mix to make the  shipping to Hawaii worth it. (Well…it’s TRUE…right?!)

As I have done up many other holiday items while toiling at the sewing machine here the past few weeks…this fabric has been calling me. It’s so bright and cheery…I just love it! I did make another purse (post soon to come) and it is also red and white…but this fabric just HAD to be made up this year!

So, as I perused FREE sewing patterns on the net…I found this great site: Henrietta’s Handbags and Purse Patterns. They have a little link at the bottom of thier site for “Free Craft Ideas for Handbags”…so I took a LONG look at all of those and picked out a few. From that find, I decided on the Signature Style Tote by Indygo Junction. After printing the pattern and figuring out what piece went where…I ended up with this!


I changed the handles to connect to rings. I like my handles to flop down easily when I put it down. candy-purse-mag-snap-and-strap-close-up

I also changed the button closure feature to a magnetic purse snap. Those magnets are a LOT easier to deal with than any fussy button.


I added 2 inside pockets…


and it is lined with fusible pellon (Decor Bond, heavy weight) AND Duck Cloth.  This is a sturdy little creation.


Now…all I have to do is figure out WHERE TO GO so I can show it off a little!

Hmm…maybe I can talk hubby into ANOTHER fabric shop trip?! What do you think?

*Sunday afternoon…I created a little accessory for this cutie…maybe that will be the NEXT post…  😉

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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Sewing Stash Christmas Prezzie

Great Stash!


Hubby surprised me with a trip to the fabric store! To get whatever I wanted in Stash Fabric…all for my surprise Christmas Prezzie! I bought these in 1/2 yd. quantities. I can’t wait to make all kinds of great projects with this stack!

We gave up trying to get things and sneak them in…most times we are too smart to sneak up on. 😉

I bought him raw materials to create his animation puppets and he got me raw materials too. Right now, my need for raw material stash includes FABRIC!

As I posted prior…hubby and I put together a quilt top…IN ONE DAY! We both have the sewing bug right now and we’re running with it.   I’ve made 10 Christmas quilts…and gave them away on Thanksgiving day…several sewn purses too! …photos soon to come! (I’m resizing and collecting the photos to share…really, I am…in between purse sewings  😉 )

I just really needed to share my wonderful gift. Enjoy!


Let’s all share our stash photos. Go ahead, leave a comment with a link to your stash photos.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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