Embroidery Project -Crewel Embroidery-Tree of Life-Part 2

Adding a few flowers…

After really thinking and perusing several stitching books, I managed to add one complete flower and start another. This piece really appeals to me and I can spend so much time just dreaming up different approaches to it. A lot of fun, creative time has been expended on just that part alone!

In the photo below:

The blue centered flower has a satin stitch-padded spot center. Although it appears to be a much simpler stitch, the red/pink surrounding that center is actually a knotted pearl stitch. The petals are done in chain stich to form a little raised ‘rainbow’ type affect for each one.

The beginning of the rose is done is with detached herringbone stitches. The darker outline is done with stem stitch. I was planning to fill the bud area in with buttonhole stitches.

The flower on the right has been completed too since that last posting. The center is lattice couching using two shades of pink. The petals are done with buttonhole stitches in a dark blue.

I’m not sure if the second rose will be done up the same as the first. I’m thinking that it need not be.

What do you think? Same or different?

Any suggestions for the leafy looking design there?

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

————-Helpful Information———-

Find Crewel Embroidery-Tree of Life, Part 1 (Click Here)

*this piece is embroidered in Medici wool

Email me: alicia in Hawaii (curiosities808@gmail.com)



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11 responses to “Embroidery Project -Crewel Embroidery-Tree of Life-Part 2

  1. That is beautiful! I love the look of crewel.

  2. Robin, you asked about the second rose being the same or different …. really it is up to you but I would do it different only because the crewel pieces I’ve done used different stitches even on like sections …. it adds to the character of crewel IMHO

  3. It looks great – and very Jacobean IMHO..

  4. Yup. I vote for different. This is a showoff piece so give it lots of different stitches.

  5. Another vote for different. 🙂

    I have no suggestion for the leafy bits – you have more needle and thread tricks up your sleeve than I do, and I’m sure you’ll come up with the right way to do it. Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. mlochk22

    I love to do embroidery work, but haven’t done any since discovering knitting…in fact, I still have projects that need to be finished. Maybe I shouldn’t admit to that, eh?

    It’s absolutely beautiful work!

  7. Lynn in Soap Lake

    I vote for the different also. It is great to see your work in progress. I am doing a corset in the same hand. I am just getting the front panel ready for stitching. I will be using my own handspun. Question, do you need a tight twist or a loose twist for the flowers to turn our right?

  8. It looks great so far! Your embroidery is so beautiful!

  9. Nancy

    Miss not hearing from you. Hope all is well.

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