Embroidery Project -Crewel Embroidery-Tree of Life-Part 1

While working fiendishly on this one bedroom remodel, I forced myself to give in to my “Crewel” side…

Jacobean style embroidery has been calling to me lately, and I have an affinity for the Tree of Life, so it is only natural for a creation that twines the two together!

I found this design via the web, printed it out in reverse and created my own iron on transfer with a Sulky pen. (See tutorial)

I just couldn’t see the tree on a plain solid background so the Tree is on this greenish mix twill like fabric. 😉

I’m using  the Medici wool that I found on close out. 😉 Those little wooly skeins have been singing to me since I found them in the store…

What do you think so far?

I still have the wristlets on the creation board too. For embroidery: the dragon is in waiting, a little rose-kid is done and awaiting a face, and two other small purses (not wristlets) are done and just waiting for their embroidered flaps.

Lots has been happening! Whoo hoo, this weeks blog posts should be full!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

————-Helpful Information———-

Email me: alicia in Hawaii (curiosities808@gmail.com)



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9 responses to “Embroidery Project -Crewel Embroidery-Tree of Life-Part 1

  1. Jacobean is one of my favorites too. Beautiful!


  2. I want to learn crewel one day. the tree is great.

  3. It looks lovely, can’t wait to see this finished. If you look on my blog, there is another award for you. You’ll find it on the “Awards” post.

  4. Sue

    That should be beautiful. Crewel embroidery seems to be making a much deserved come-back. Can’t wait to see your piece finished!

  5. That is utterly beautiful, well done you.

  6. The design looks wonderful!

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