Embroidery Project- Sewing Wristlets-Prepping for Embroidery-Part 1

Wristlets…just begging for embroidery!

A few days back I discovered a “new to me” blog, Oh Fransson. There I watched a few daily wristlets being created and my mind started whirling…thinking of how I could use these wristlets as canvases for embroidery.

I bought Elizabeth’s pattern and spent some time digging in my fabric stash. Her pattern is wonderful! Pages of a combination pattern/tutorial. The directions are clear and easy to follow. (Which I cannot blog here, you will have to buy the pattern. No affiliation, no profit for me, just an honest consumer. Although…always willing to accept a kickback…lol)

I just couldn’t decide which style of her 3 to create, so I am trying one of each in the larger sizes. I followed her directions, cut out the solid colored fabric for the wristlets, then stared at it a bit and decided I needed to mix it up a little.

I spliced other fabric onto the main bodies and created a second color ‘base’ for each wristlet.

Each wristlet has been prepped for finishing. The lining, interlining, interfacing, main fabric has all been correlated. The pocket is sewn in place in the lining, the zippers are prepped, the straps are ready and waiting. Now…all they need are some embroidery embellishments.

I see an elf watering these flowers. What do you see here? Any ideas?

I see maybe…a…fairy touching the flowers here. What do you see? Suggestions?

Maybe a retro cat? Ideas?

I am at a stopping point now. Wondering what to add to these cute little bags.

What do you think?

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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11 responses to “Embroidery Project- Sewing Wristlets-Prepping for Embroidery-Part 1

  1. Hi, Alicia – This is funny!! (Well, in a coincidental sort of way!) My niece and I were just figuring out a pattern for something similar – not necessarily for a wristlet, but for pencil-type cases (or “anything” cases). Our finished project will look somewhat like the one you have here – maybe a little longer, and squared off on the corners (looks like you have darts?). I haven’t figured that part out yet.

    Anyway – an idea for an accent – what about a Dorset button worked in bright colors? Or a line of them? I was thinking that might be a cute way to add an accent to the little pouches we’re making… though we haven’t quite gotten to the “making” stage. We’re still in the “figuring” stage!

    Anyway, I love your choice of fabrics – really, really bright and cheery!


  2. I like the elf idea. How cute that will be. can’t wait to see the embroidery.

  3. Vianna (In Florida)

    Elf, faeries and a retro cat seem to me like THE perfect choices – of course, finding patterns for those images might not be that easy. Given that hand embroidering has fallen into disfavor (at least in the U.S.), I have had to use reduced copies of images from coloring books, or enlarged versions of rubber stamped images in order to obtain what I needed. I’ll be following the developments your wristlet project. They really look adorable!

  4. Hi Vianna (In Florida)~
    I know that the coloring book trick is wonderful! It just recently donned on me that the rubber stamp idea would work too.
    As far as the design suggestions for these little creations, I am giving my own hand a go. I plan to sketch my own designs based on the suggestions. 😉
    I find the pattern hunt for embroidery rather limited and figure with my pencil, paper and sulky pen…anything can get on those wristlets! muwahaha!
    Thanks for being a fan!
    alicia in Hawaii

  5. Hi Amy!
    alicia in Hawaii

  6. Hi Mary!
    Well, that is not the first time we’ve been on the same thought train…wonder what it is that prompts us to the same project types at the same time. 😉 We must be browsing the same sites for ideas. lol
    Thanks for the comment and thanks for the creative ideas. I haven’t yet made a dorset button. I’ll have to try one. 😉 …or two…or more…
    alicia in Hawaii

  7. Mary (Canada)

    a great free source I found was to sign up for Dover publishing’s free samples – I’ve got some great black & white smaller elf & fairy clips suitable for colouring (or embroidery) that way – it’s meant to tempt you to buy some of their books but no purchases are ever required

  8. I like your fabrics – they look great together!

  9. Lee. Suttles

    Alicea…how about some of the DMC bees? They had a set of free patterns for bees a few months ago… one or more would be (excuse the pun) wonderful on these wristlets.

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