Awards and Whoo Hoo’s!

Yesterday, while I was battling a major (2 day) migraine, things were happening here in the blogosphere to create a few Whoo Hoo’s!!

Whoo hoo #1: Guess what? My blog posts were featured on Needlework News Craftgossip! (Thanks Denise!) I have Craftgossip on my blog reader and always look at the features. I drool and stammer over the features. It’s a great tool for networking and for finding great crafty resources. I’ve added many blogs to my reader through them and found a lot of great patterns, articles and…places to SHOP. 😉 I am still stunned and in awe that my itty bitty blog got some article time there. *big smiles all around, gotta celebrate, happy dance ;)*


Whoo hoo #2: Sue over at Berkshire Cottage sent me an email urging me to her blog. And…she’s given me an award!

Thank you so much Sue. I am very flattered. *blush* Sue is the one that started my Snail Purse obsession when she posted about her Japanese Knot Bag. I posted there that I would have to make one. 😉 She also sewed up a few more and had me totally inspired to get started. Sue has a great blog and I’m tickled that she finds this blog here worthy of yet another award. *Whoo hoo*

I really like these award programs. It’s a great way to link to others and to share blogs. I’ve discovered a lot of blogs from people’s award choices! There are soooo many wonderful blogs out there and I really enjoy so many of them. It’s really hard to just pick a few to pass this on to.

The rules for receiving this award are
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog. (Check, I’ve done it)
2. Link to the person you received your award from. (Check, I’ve done it)
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (Check, I’ve done it)
4. Put links of those blogs on yours. (Check, I’ve done it)
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated. (Check, I’ve done it)
Now, oh, to choose…
  1. Calamity Kim : a rather ‘nostalgic feeling’ blog, I think. Love the photos and love the diversity. It’s a ‘new to me’ blog. Inspiring and at the same time insightful.
  2. Kristi at Stitchy Stitcherson : a ‘new to me blog’, sharing cute embroidery and updates on her projects.
  3. Isabel at Rosa E Chocolat : another ‘new to me blog’, featuring lots of cushions adorned with embroidered houses. A very interesting blog indeed.
  4. Rachel at Average Jane Crafter : Love this busy woman! She seems hyped and excited about all kinds of crafting stuff. She’ll get you moving! (She’s busy on Twitter too!)
  5. “Lupin” at bugs and fishes: another ‘new to me blog’. I just love looking at her blog. It’s so bright and cheery…and full of felt creations!
  6. Marjo at Erratic Needle: yet another ‘new to me blog’; showcase of her creations. Very clean and elegantly presented.
  7. Jo in NZ at No Matter Where I Go…I Always Meet Myself There : a great little crafty blog of crazy quilting and spirit dolls…and embellishments …and…and… 😉 A fun stop!
Check them out and add them to your readers, subscriptions and blogrolls! 😉 Happy Reading!
Whoo hoo #3: ( A kinda back-dated whoo hoo, but still a whoo hoo)
Waaaaayyyy back, when I first blogged…wwwaaaayyy back in, uh, May 26, this year…seems so long ago…Paula Hewitt of The Beauty of LIfe, gave me an award. And silly me, I didn’t know any better back then…my first post on a blog, my first experience with blogs was May 19…I thought that I had been ‘nominated’ and needed to wait for a selection or a vote or something before actually ‘getting’ the award. I didn’t know that being ‘nominated’ meant ‘getting’ the award. LOL It took me several blog subscriptions later to understand the award system.
So…now that I know what I know:
Paula Hewitt of The Beauty of Life has given me this award:
…for sharing, beauty, love and joy…
Thank you very, very, very much to Paula. She was one of the very first blogs I encountered. Her work there on her blog is so original and refreshing! I find her embroidery just wonderful!
Now give it with 5 others:
There are many sharing, caring blogs out there…to only choose 5?!
  1. Amy at Sew~Amy has a wonderfully warm, sharing, caring blog. A very nice lady with a wonderful blog!
  2. Melissa at Elemental Stitches has a charming sharing blog. She has such cute little embroideries to share.
  3. Jenny at Jenny S Stitcher & Scribbler has a cute blog. This is a ‘new to me’ blog. She shares what I feel is ‘childlike’ nostalgia on her blog. It’s like stepping into a picturebook. She is celebrating her 100th post!
  4. Visit Get a Clew – The Blog, another ‘new to me’ blog…this is one busy blog of sharing!
  5. Miss Nancy at New to Me has a warm, sharing blog start. She has what it takes to inspire a lot of embroiderer and crafty types! (and she’s really a nice person too!) Go, Miss Nancy, Go!
I hope you visit these blogs and enjoy them muchly!
Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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8 responses to “Awards and Whoo Hoo’s!

  1. Thanks for the award and kinds words Alicia…appreciate it.
    Keep on crafting!!

  2. Nancy

    Wow…thank you Alicia! Not only is it wonderful to view all these great blogs, but to see mine here also was a nice surprise.
    I just love all you do and I always keep up with you and your projects! Thank you for all you do and share!

  3. I just checked out the Japanese knot bag and it’s so cute! Thanks for the link!

  4. thank you for my award. you are so sweet. I have no idea how to get it on my blog. But thank you so much. Love you blog.

  5. Sue

    Oh, what fun! The best way to view great blogs is to see what blogs I love they love, KWIM? So I’m off to visit your fav’s!

  6. Thanks so much for the award! So very sweet of you 🙂

  7. Thank you for passing on an award to my little blog! Its very kind of you and means so much to me

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