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Embroidery Project – Wristlets – Dragon Wristlet -Part 3

Embroidery, sewing, crochet and all designing has been slowed by our attempt to finish off this one bedroom in our remodel. We’ve managed to install two floors in two days and are now working on the finishing ‘bling’ which is definitely tiring and taking all of the creative energy of everyday so far.

At night, I sit and peruse my projects and dream up ideas for them, but the actual ‘doing’ of the project has been hindered.

Remember this wristlet?

After much trial and error, I’ve committed to a dragon design for the pink flowered wristlet. The dragon is Hubby’s design. 😉

Hopefully, I can get to some embroidery this weekend and have a finished wristlet to post about on Monday!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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Wristlets Part 1 (Click Here)

Wristlets Part 2 (Click Here)

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Embroidery Project – Wristlets – Kitty Cat Wristlet -Part 2

Back to the fun!

After posting here and questioning Email groups that I am involved with, I did receive several embroidery suggestions for the wristlet fabrics. Thanks for the great ideas!

  1. Dorset Buttons
  2. Elf
  3. Fairies
  4. Retro Cat
  5. Coloring book pictures
  6. Dover book outlines
  7. White cat chasing butterflies
  8. Fish
  9. Friends with hoola hoops
  10. Kids Playing Hopscotch
  11. 60’s flower child plucking daisy
  12. Cheshire Cat Face

After ironing on a little design of an Elf with a watering can, I just couldn’t bring myself to stitch it. I looked at the blue daisy fabric and kept seeing the little white cat chasing butterflies. (Thanks Raven!) So, I hopped on over to Hoop Love and found the little kitty transfer. It was the basis for the inspiration to alter it just a bit.

The kitty is originally stitched on white felt then appliqued onto the wristlet. The butterflies are done the same way, stitched on orange felt, cut out, then appliqued onto the wristlet fabric.

The flowers, grass, leaves and stems are all stitched directly to the wristlet fabric. The whiskers and the butterfly bodies are added after applique. I went ahead and used animal eyes for the little eyes instead of chancing the eyes to stitches. I used pearl round eyes because the smallest cat eyes I have are 9mm….WAY TO BIG!

The wristlet itself is a great purchased pattern/tutorial. The instructions are very clear. I won’t kid you though, this is actually a tough one to sew. Really. The zipper top is a great finish, but I had difficulty turning it right side out and fixing the zipper ends in the install. It is my first one, but I’m not new to sewing, so I was surprised that I had as much difficulty with it as I did.

It’s made from 4 layers of fabric! This wristlet uses cotton fabric for the main fabric and lining. It is interfaced with fusible lightweight pellon and I used a fusible fleece for the interlining. This little purse packs a LOT of fabric and has great heft. It feels really sturdy, not stiff…sturdy.

It’s cute, compact and feels good to hold on to.

The zipper opens to reveal a cute little pocket…probably big enough for a cell phone…

and the wristlet handle connects to the zipper to double as a zipper pull.

It was fun to embroider and fun to prep. There were some hard struggles with the construction, but overall the project is a success! Now, I wonder if it is a salable item?

————-Helpful Information———-

Hoop Love Vintage Transfers (Click Here)

Wristlet Pattern (Click Here)

Email me: alicia in Hawaii (


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Blog Lapse

I’ve been working on the remodel and this push has taken almost all of our creativity time. By the time the designing is done, there are no other creative juices left to squeeze.

A Rant in it’s Own Right:

I’ve also been contemplating the sincerity of some of my email groups and their true goals. I’ve discovered that some of them really are not here to share about craft, art or embroidery, handwork or any other creative endeavor. At least that is what I’ve gleaned from this past weeks posts.

After daily blogging, exclusively about embroidery/craft related items and posting the contents to some groups, for 60 posts, it seems that one group, evidently hasn’t even clicked the link to find that my content is definitely embroidery related. I received this disturbing note:

“As one of the moderators, I’m writing to request that you limit your posts to embroidery
discussion topics and not daily progress reports sent to a mailing list and linked to your blog.
If people visit your blog, they’ll return if they want to without your daily reminder. That is not
the purpose of this discussion group.”

I actually thought about a response to this and decided that perhaps this is a better platform in which to address this.

Mind you, the group’s description is:

“We’re a discussion group for anyone who loves needlework – canvaswork, crewel, cross stitch, Hardanger, needlepoint, etc. – and is interested in a variety of fabrics and fibers. We will also serve as a sounding board for people who enjoy designing pieces to be stitched. You don’t have to receive individual e-mails from our group, but can set your preferences at the time that you join. If you just want to log in now and again to see what’s up but don’t want to miss news about special events and sales at *Removed group/store name*, choose Special al…<clipped>”

I really think my blog posts are definitely on topic with their description. After some thought, I believe that I am more appalled that a moderator would be ignorant enough to actually send such a notice. I know that there is no way this person could have actually clicked my links, seen my blog posts, and categorized them under “not the purpose of this discussion group”. At least I would hope not. If they did, then I would suppose that the ignorance is then arrogance.

The most outrageous quirk deals with timing. Their notice to me was sent right after my post asking for DESIGN IDEAS for the wristlets. I know I can read. Isn’t that directly related to:”We will also serve as a sounding board for people who enjoy designing pieces to be stitched.”?

For each of these, I have posted a personal note to the groups to discuss what the daily part of the project is about, i.e. I’ve completed the sewing for the wristlets. One is blue and I am wondering what kind of design to embroider on it. Maybe an elf watering the flowers? What do you think? I would appreciate any suggestions. *insert link to photo here*. Am I missing something?

Now, this group in particular is an actual STORE. A real life physical store. One that I would easily have figured could have had at any time chimed in and declared that they not only had some ideas, but actually had access to the supplies and were willing to sell them. Isn’t that odd?

So, to wrap that up, they regulate the discussion about embroidery…only limited to posts that chit chat without any references to the photos or info being on a ‘blog’? and when discussing embroidery DAILY, I am not allowed to post without a given format? And they missed opportunities to comment or supply information or product when blatantly asked for input. Oh, and they are a discussion group for an actual retail store site?

Alterior motive? Maybe not to promote handwork, needlework, stitchery or embroidery?

On another group, I posted about blogs and awards that were dropped here at my blog while I had a migraine, and that group took off to post 50+ posts about migraines. No posts about my content…just 50+ posts about migraines.

Just wanted to chat a little off topic, yet not too far off topic, about some of the community sounding boards out there that I have found a little bothersome.

I took on blogging to promote and foster some revival in the needle arts areas of craft and art. I really hope that anyone that has faced similar ‘problems’ like I have will stick with the other communities and hang on. Promoting and fostering a new care of or reviving a lost love of thread arts can be a lonely path without the internet. I know for myself, I do not have a large physical community of thread artists to network with. The internet, blogs, groups, email…all open up that geographic world wide. Let’s not get controlling and mirco manage it to be counterproductive.

Heading back to the ‘real’ shakers and makers of the die hard, steadfast communities. Whoo hoo’s to them:

Hand Embroidery, International Hand Stitchers, and Craftster, these groups have some of the best contributors both on blogs and on group. 😉

Let’s have some fun.


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Embroidery Project- Sewing Wristlets-Prepping for Embroidery-Part 1

Wristlets…just begging for embroidery!

A few days back I discovered a “new to me” blog, Oh Fransson. There I watched a few daily wristlets being created and my mind started whirling…thinking of how I could use these wristlets as canvases for embroidery.

I bought Elizabeth’s pattern and spent some time digging in my fabric stash. Her pattern is wonderful! Pages of a combination pattern/tutorial. The directions are clear and easy to follow. (Which I cannot blog here, you will have to buy the pattern. No affiliation, no profit for me, just an honest consumer. Although…always willing to accept a kickback…lol)

I just couldn’t decide which style of her 3 to create, so I am trying one of each in the larger sizes. I followed her directions, cut out the solid colored fabric for the wristlets, then stared at it a bit and decided I needed to mix it up a little.

I spliced other fabric onto the main bodies and created a second color ‘base’ for each wristlet.

Each wristlet has been prepped for finishing. The lining, interlining, interfacing, main fabric has all been correlated. The pocket is sewn in place in the lining, the zippers are prepped, the straps are ready and waiting. Now…all they need are some embroidery embellishments.

I see an elf watering these flowers. What do you see here? Any ideas?

I see maybe…a…fairy touching the flowers here. What do you see? Suggestions?

Maybe a retro cat? Ideas?

I am at a stopping point now. Wondering what to add to these cute little bags.

What do you think?

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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Awards and Whoo Hoo’s!

Yesterday, while I was battling a major (2 day) migraine, things were happening here in the blogosphere to create a few Whoo Hoo’s!!

Whoo hoo #1: Guess what? My blog posts were featured on Needlework News Craftgossip! (Thanks Denise!) I have Craftgossip on my blog reader and always look at the features. I drool and stammer over the features. It’s a great tool for networking and for finding great crafty resources. I’ve added many blogs to my reader through them and found a lot of great patterns, articles and…places to SHOP. 😉 I am still stunned and in awe that my itty bitty blog got some article time there. *big smiles all around, gotta celebrate, happy dance ;)*


Whoo hoo #2: Sue over at Berkshire Cottage sent me an email urging me to her blog. And…she’s given me an award!

Thank you so much Sue. I am very flattered. *blush* Sue is the one that started my Snail Purse obsession when she posted about her Japanese Knot Bag. I posted there that I would have to make one. 😉 She also sewed up a few more and had me totally inspired to get started. Sue has a great blog and I’m tickled that she finds this blog here worthy of yet another award. *Whoo hoo*

I really like these award programs. It’s a great way to link to others and to share blogs. I’ve discovered a lot of blogs from people’s award choices! There are soooo many wonderful blogs out there and I really enjoy so many of them. It’s really hard to just pick a few to pass this on to.

The rules for receiving this award are
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog. (Check, I’ve done it)
2. Link to the person you received your award from. (Check, I’ve done it)
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (Check, I’ve done it)
4. Put links of those blogs on yours. (Check, I’ve done it)
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated. (Check, I’ve done it)
Now, oh, to choose…
  1. Calamity Kim : a rather ‘nostalgic feeling’ blog, I think. Love the photos and love the diversity. It’s a ‘new to me’ blog. Inspiring and at the same time insightful.
  2. Kristi at Stitchy Stitcherson : a ‘new to me blog’, sharing cute embroidery and updates on her projects.
  3. Isabel at Rosa E Chocolat : another ‘new to me blog’, featuring lots of cushions adorned with embroidered houses. A very interesting blog indeed.
  4. Rachel at Average Jane Crafter : Love this busy woman! She seems hyped and excited about all kinds of crafting stuff. She’ll get you moving! (She’s busy on Twitter too!)
  5. “Lupin” at bugs and fishes: another ‘new to me blog’. I just love looking at her blog. It’s so bright and cheery…and full of felt creations!
  6. Marjo at Erratic Needle: yet another ‘new to me blog’; showcase of her creations. Very clean and elegantly presented.
  7. Jo in NZ at No Matter Where I Go…I Always Meet Myself There : a great little crafty blog of crazy quilting and spirit dolls…and embellishments …and…and… 😉 A fun stop!
Check them out and add them to your readers, subscriptions and blogrolls! 😉 Happy Reading!
Whoo hoo #3: ( A kinda back-dated whoo hoo, but still a whoo hoo)
Waaaaayyyy back, when I first blogged…wwwaaaayyy back in, uh, May 26, this year…seems so long ago…Paula Hewitt of The Beauty of LIfe, gave me an award. And silly me, I didn’t know any better back then…my first post on a blog, my first experience with blogs was May 19…I thought that I had been ‘nominated’ and needed to wait for a selection or a vote or something before actually ‘getting’ the award. I didn’t know that being ‘nominated’ meant ‘getting’ the award. LOL It took me several blog subscriptions later to understand the award system.
So…now that I know what I know:
Paula Hewitt of The Beauty of Life has given me this award:
…for sharing, beauty, love and joy…
Thank you very, very, very much to Paula. She was one of the very first blogs I encountered. Her work there on her blog is so original and refreshing! I find her embroidery just wonderful!
Now give it with 5 others:
There are many sharing, caring blogs out there…to only choose 5?!
  1. Amy at Sew~Amy has a wonderfully warm, sharing, caring blog. A very nice lady with a wonderful blog!
  2. Melissa at Elemental Stitches has a charming sharing blog. She has such cute little embroideries to share.
  3. Jenny at Jenny S Stitcher & Scribbler has a cute blog. This is a ‘new to me’ blog. She shares what I feel is ‘childlike’ nostalgia on her blog. It’s like stepping into a picturebook. She is celebrating her 100th post!
  4. Visit Get a Clew – The Blog, another ‘new to me’ blog…this is one busy blog of sharing!
  5. Miss Nancy at New to Me has a warm, sharing blog start. She has what it takes to inspire a lot of embroiderer and crafty types! (and she’s really a nice person too!) Go, Miss Nancy, Go!
I hope you visit these blogs and enjoy them muchly!
Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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