Embroidery Project-Cotton Ginny’s Cellphone Catty-Hand Embroidered Embellishments-Part 2

Cotton Ginny’s Cellphone Catty, Kitty Cat project started here.


The Embellished Kitty Cat

Here is the front of the cute little kitty with it’s felt embellishments for the little facial features. I changed the little cheeks to a pink color to keep the color scheme more harmonious than with the tan cheeks in the first posting of Part 1. The felt parts are all ironed in place with Stitch Witchery prior to hand embroidery. Stitches are: stem stitch, backstitch, split backstitch, blanket stitch, french knot, petal stitch, detached chain stitch.

The front and the back finished, waiting to be sewn together. Sewing this piece together is really the main challenge. It’s not very easy to work around the handle or the cell phone holder as you sew the front to the back. It takes a LOT of patience.

Here’s the final back…

and a side view to show you what it’s like at the seams.

A quick, fun, little project! I got the pattern in the mail on Friday and it was completed Sunday. (and I didn’t work on it at all on Saturday!)

My mom loves it. It’s really cute when her phone rings with her ‘meow-ing ringtone’! The kitty speaks.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

———–Helpful Information———

Find Cellphone Catty Part 1 (Click Here)

Find My Iron On Transfer Tutorial (Click Here)



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7 responses to “Embroidery Project-Cotton Ginny’s Cellphone Catty-Hand Embroidered Embellishments-Part 2

  1. I expect she will have plenty of people commenting on this. It’s lovely Alicia

  2. Sue

    How cute! Your stitching just finishes it off so nicely. I’ll bet your mom will get a lot of compliments on it… lucky her!

  3. So cute! I love your cat..

  4. Darling! Simply darling! I know lots of people who would love to have a kitty meowing in their purse instead of a noisy old cellphone!


  5. Hi MGM,
    You should see it. It’s just too cute. When the phone rings the cat is there…and the little face is meowing…it’s just too funny!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    alicia in Hawaii

  6. Thanks Crazypatch!
    Glad you love the cat.
    alicia in Hawaii

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