Embroidery Project-Cotton Ginny’s Cellphone Catty-Sewing for Embroidery-Part 1

Who could resist such an adorable Kitty Cat?!

This arrived in the mail box yesterday!

It’s a pattern by Cotton Ginny’s, labeled “Cell Phone Catty’s”. (It’s available also at www.Joggles.com– great service, it’s in stock, and they are crafters in the crafting community, maybe even in some of your ‘groups’) I thought it would be a great gadget for my mom. Her cell phone ringtone is a chorus of cats meow-ing! How totally perfect is that! She’ll have something large enough to LOCATE the phone when the cats meow. (She has major difficulty answering the phone while it’s ringing largely because the phone is buried somewhere in the never never land of her purse.) I believe that is a common phenomenon. 😉

The pattern calls for cotton fabric and fusible fleece Pellon, but I used felt rectangles, yes felt, again, to create the entire ‘Catty’. The felt is acrylic felt found at any craft store or WalMart. It only took 3 yellow rectangles to create the entire holder. (In some cases that could only be 75 cents USD to create this fun creature!) I fused the front and back with Craft Fuse Pellon and fused one side of the holder with it as well. I found Craft Fuse at Wal Mart for $1.49/yd USD) All the parts are still a great bargain and this project sure doesn’t look like economical when it’s done! (There is some ‘work’ in it to put it together” 😉

Here is the entire back of the head completed. (It took about an hour to cut, fuse and sew the entire project this far.)

I used Fushion Velcro, mostly because I HATE TO SEW VELCRO! I don’t even know why I try. I’ve never been able to get the bobbin thread to actually come up through the Velcro on any sewing machine that I’ve tried. Never. I’m so excited to have found Fushion Velcro! (Fushion Velcro is an iron on Velcro hook and loop tape.)

Here is the back side of the head. I fused Craft Fuse Pellon to it to give the felt more body.

Here is the front of the cat head. I deviated from the pattern, not in design, but in application. I used my Sulky transfer pen to iron the design on. (See my Iron On Transfer Tutorial (Click Here) for Sulky pen information.) With the Sulky transfer pen, this part was quick and very easy!

I deviated from the pattern here as well. I used 15mm cat eyes instead of sew on buttons. I have a stash of eyes that I use for amigurumi crochet dolls, fairies and bears. 😉

Here is the back of the front of the head. The cat eye shanks come through the fabric and anchor with the toggles.

I clipped the shanks short so that they didn’t poke out too far.

Now to have some fun with the cat face! I cut out the applique shapes in felt. Here they are placed on the cat face. We can find ways to hand embroider the felt accents onto the face and we can add embellishments to the little kitty before sewing the front and back together for the finished product.

It’s a fun little project that has many additional possibilities. Let your imagination run with it!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

———–Helpful Information———

Find My Iron On Transfer Tutorial (Click Here)


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8 responses to “Embroidery Project-Cotton Ginny’s Cellphone Catty-Sewing for Embroidery-Part 1

  1. Alicia!
    Yours is very cute!!
    I have a very similar pattern! butterick???, simplicity??…….oh I forget! LOL!!! it was the 99 cent sale at hancocks. It had a cat, dog and frog!
    I was going to make them up for Christmas for my teen nieces.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!!! As I’ve said before, I love reading your blog!!!
    go snag the award I posted for you on my blog..You brilliant gal You!! LOL!!!
    sorry I got your blog’s name wrong…Popping over to change it now! 😉


  2. will graafland

    this is so cute
    thank you very much
    I have to look for supplies and make it asap.

    thanks a lot


  3. Lee. Suttles

    Alicia… this would also be cute used as a tooth fairy container… for those of us who don’t have cell phones… We used to make tooth fairy pillows with tiny pockets, just big enough to hold a child’s tooth and/or a dime.. the going rate for a tooth in those days.

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  5. Hi Lee,
    This would make cute tooth fairy containers! You could change the little pocket in the back fairly easily to hold a tooth.
    (I don’t think the going rate is a dime now…hahaha)
    Guess we better check with the tooth fairy to find out how big the pouch has to be for the loot?!
    alicia in Hawaii

  6. Hi Will,
    You are most welcome for the post. I hope you gather lots of goodies to make a little kitty too. Please share pictures when you are done!
    alicia in Hawaii

  7. Hi Kristine!
    Thanks so much for the award! *blush*
    I’m glad you like the kitty.
    I went looking for the pattern you were talking about and FOUND IT! Whoo hoo!
    I’m so happy that my blog sends you inspiration. 😉 Thank you so much for visiting and for commenting.
    I really appreciate it.
    alicia in Hawaii

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