Embroidery Project – Small Snail Purse/Bag with Vintage Snail Embroidery, Crayons and Color Part 3

The snails are bright and cheery!

Start by choosing some colors. For these snails, since they used in a design with neon lime green and fuchsia, they need to be bight and colorful!

Choose Colors

When I color on fabric, I hold the fabric taut with my non coloring hand. This helps to keep the fabric still while I use short, quick coloring marks to color the fabric. The fabric does get a bit ‘rearranged’, however, after a while, the waxy crayon helps to make the fabric parts ‘stick’ again to itself. It’s well coated before the ironing process.

Here’s the whole gang! The snails are a Days of the Week Vintage Embroidery Transfer. There are only 6 snails here because I am saving the 7th, “Shop Day” for the matching wallet design. 😉

Here’s what they look like apart. There is a little white for highlights on some of the pictures. They are mostly dark and the iron on design is distorted some. We can always re-iron the design back onto the fabric to bring some of the details back after the ironing process.

Here is the basic process of ironing. Place the fabric between 2 blotters. I usually use printer paper, but I thought I’d try paper towels and see if they worked just as well. After sandwiching the fabric, set the hot iron (cotton setting) down on the blotter material and let it sit until you smell the wax melting.

Here is what you should end up with. Sometimes the blotter material will be very dark with wax. As you repeat this process, the blotter will get lighter and lighter.

Let’s see how the results turned out!

Here is the Before Ironing snail picture:

Here are the After Iron snail pictures:

Successful! They are still bright and cheery and not much color has dulled in the ironing. Some of the detail is fuzzy, but we can re-iron the transfer over the ironed color to get back some of the detail before embroidering with threads.

Now, we can choose a thread palette for the happy garden pals!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

*I’ve added a separate post with a “Tinting Fabric with Crayon” tutorial. There are more details there about tinting fabric with crayons.

———–Helpful Information———

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8 responses to “Embroidery Project – Small Snail Purse/Bag with Vintage Snail Embroidery, Crayons and Color Part 3

  1. Sue

    Those little guys are sooo cute. Hey, congrats on your award! Way to go!!!

  2. just found your blog, I love it. I’ll be back.

  3. Viv

    I am not an embroiderer in any shape or form but I love to look at the work of other people. I love this project!!
    Have enjoyed looking at your blog and will be visiting again!

  4. Aliciaaaaaa W2GG! Awards are always nice. Those snails are just precious! I was wondering, in the crayon application, after ironing could you reapply crayon, and reiron?

  5. Hi Mylin,
    Thanks for whoo hoo for the award!
    I’m glad you like the snails.
    With the crayons, you can iron then reapply the crayon and re-iron. Some people even color and re-iron after stitching. 😉
    Hope you visit again!
    alicia in Hawaii

  6. Hi Viv,
    I’m glad you love this snail project even though you are not an embroiderer. I wasn’t even remotely interested in embroidery until March of this year (2008). I’ve been an avid crochet-er…dabbled in knitting, spinning and woodworking. I’ve done lots of other artsy venues as well…so, you never know…maybe you’ll pick up embroidery to add to something you do already.
    I’m glad you enjoy my blog. Please visit often!
    alicia in Hawii

  7. Hi Sew~Amy,
    I’m glad you found me.
    I do hope you visit often.
    You can subscribe to my blog as well.
    (It’s up in the right hand corner of my side bar.)
    alicia in Hawaii

  8. Hi Sue,
    Thanks! The award was such a surprise. I am very happy to have been nominated for it!
    alicia in Hawaii

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