Group Embroidery Project – Summer Creativity Challenge, Embroidering the Marigold Part 7

Now that the wax is melted and the fabric is tinting with crayon it’s time for

embroidery on the Marigold!

Portrait open final stitched marigold

For this one, start at the stamen, which will the ‘newest growth’ on the plant. Starting here allows all the other stitches to form around this part, which would be the older growth pushing away from the newer. Here are several yellows to embroider the stamen in.

1 picking threads

Lay the strands out along the edges to compare the colors.

2 strand choices of yellow

Here are the stitched stamen. I originally did a few in all yellow and simply didn’t like them. There was no depth. I used purple as my shadow and stitched the ‘deeper’ parts of the stamen, those that would be more to the center of the flower growth, in purple. I think it gives the stamen more dimension. The purple stitches are straight stitches and the tops of the stamen are yellow couched threads.

3 stamen embroidered

Next, stitch in the dark centers of the petals. Again, I used purple for my shadow.

4 embroidery dark purple shadow on petal

Here is a close up of the purple straight stitches.

5 close up of dark petal parts

Next, add some deep color to the shadows. Here I added a deep red to the purple shadow to deepen the color tone of the petals.

6 purple and red in dark petal parts

Here is a close up of the red and purple straight stitches in the petals.

7 close up of the red and purple in petal

Next, outline the petals with a yellow. I chose back stitch to outline the petals. I used a deep gold to outline the petals and started with the ‘oldest growth’ which would be the bottom underside petals first so that my stitches would lay the ‘new growth’ over the ‘old growth’ of the flower.

8 close up petals with yellow

Next, embroider the leaves. I used split backstitch for the leaf outlines and used 3 different greens to help shade the stems. The deepest green is on the underside of the leaves and down the stem. The middle shade is on the topside of the leaves and the lightest is out to the edge of the topside of the leaves. This would match the older growth of the stem and younger growth of the new leaves. The lighter section could be sunny highlights.

9 close up leaves stitched

And… the embroidered Marigold looks like this:

9 completed embroidered marigold

Here are a few more views! I really enjoy tinting fabric with crayon and adding the embroidery stitches. The entire technique allows for quite a bit of creativity and depth in one project.

portrait out 2portrait out

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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9 responses to “Group Embroidery Project – Summer Creativity Challenge, Embroidering the Marigold Part 7

  1. Hello Alicia, Your Marigold flower coloring and stitching is lovely. great job. Judy

  2. Wow. This is really neat, Alicia! I love the combination of the coloring and the embroidery. The embroidery really gives it dimension, and the coloring makes it… well, colorful! Nice write-up!


  3. Sue

    Just lovely… the colors are so soft, and the embroidery brings the flower to life… lovely!

  4. Alicia,
    That turned out so awesome! The embroidery really adds depth to it. What are your plans for that piece?

  5. Hi Judy,
    Thanks for the great boost! I really appreciate it.
    alicia in Hawaii

  6. Hi Mary!
    Thanks for the wow! I really like the way the crayon supports the embroidery. I’m addicted at the moment…lol.
    Thanks for the compliment on the write up as well.
    alicia in Hawaii

  7. Sue,
    Thanks for the wonderful comments.
    alicia in Hawaii

  8. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for the compliments! I think the little piece turned out totally better than I ever expected.
    I have a “plan” for it and it’s ‘mates’, the iris, pansy and rose.
    They are all going together.
    Gee, dare I say here….or …maybe I should use that whole thought process as a post. It may be less confusing that way. lol.
    Let’s just say the 4 flowers are going together and forming one panel. Then that panel is going somewhere, not as a wall hanging, but as something ‘functional’. Maybe a pillow cover.
    I’ll make up a post about it. lol
    alicia in Hawaii

  9. Shari Masson

    What a wonderful tutorial, Alicia. I found your blog yesterday and was lost in it all morning. Thank you so much.

    Shari in Canada

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