Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Ironing The Flip Side, Part 5

Time to color the back of the purse!

Uncolored Monkey back of purse

Keeping with the style of the purse front, out come the crayons. This transfer is from Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching, Monkey Love design. Color the iron on transfer.

tall uncolored monkeys

It doesn’t take very long to color. I outline the edges with a darker tone of a similar color and add some fun highlights and shadows. I also fill in the larger areas with several shades of similar color to add some interest to the overall coloring effect.

3 Monkey back of purse colored

I added some purple to the shaded areas and some white to some highlighted areas. The iron will melt out the sharp contrast, but it does leave a subtle shading effect.

4 colored purse-tall

Here is the little monkey all colored, ready for the iron.

5 purse back now colored

It’s time to iron. Cover design area with a sheet of paper. I also have a towel and a sheet of paper on the underside of the designed fabric. Now heat the iron to the cotton setting.

1 colored ready for iron to melt crayon

Press the hot iron to the paper. Smell the hot wax as the iron melts the crayon wax. You’ll see the colored wax come through through the paper as it melts. Remove the paper. Iron again with clean paper on top of the design until and repeat until the wax no longer transfers to the paper when ironed.

2 hot iron on the crayon monkey

After ironing, you can see the shading and the highlight have been reduced from the pre-ironed coloring, but it is still subtly there. Here is the little curious monkey all ironed, tint set, and ready for embroidering!

closer view of ironed monkey

Now, to figure out this zipper and get stitching.

Have you tried tinting fabric with crayons? Let us know how it’s coming out in the comment.

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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4 responses to “Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Ironing The Flip Side, Part 5

  1. I have never tried this before. Look forward to seeing how this develops

  2. Hi Miss 376,
    Thanks for visiting! Hopefully, the monkeys will turn out as planned. 😉
    Stay tuned…
    alicia in Hawaii

  3. Marysewfun

    I tried coloring on a felt square but it all washed out – possibly because it was an acrylic felt square from Wal-Mart?

  4. Hi Marysewfun,
    What kind of crayon did you use?
    How did you wash it? Was it in the washer? the sink?
    Hot water? Cold?
    Curious…I figure we can keep some conditions the same and run some experiments.
    alicia in Hawaii

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