Embroidery Ideas – Inspirations Magazine #58

Inspirations Magazine #58

It’s finally here in Hawaii!

After waiting and watching and whining and waiting and waiting…did I mention waiting…it’s here! The Inspirations Magazine Issue #58…in very limited quantities, as the B&N and Borders Books here on Oahu only get 6 copies, if any, in any one store!

Inspirations Magazine #58

It’s now $13.95 a copy here. The last, and only, other copy I bought was the #57, which was $11.95. So, in one issue, I’ve seen a $2 increase in price. But…at least it’s here!

I even posted on the Needlework Forum, over at Country Bumpkin.com, in the Inspirations Magazine area, about all my woes of having to watch and hear everyone else in the world getting their magazine and starting projects from it.  I sat and waited. Notice that it is June 21 and the cover is advertising Mother’s Day projects. I believe Hawaii is literally the last stop for this magazine which travels through the UK to get back over the Pacific Ocean. It’s been almost entirely around earth as it gets here in the middle of the sea.

Rosamund Inspirations Magazine 58

This is my dream project from this issue. County Bumpkin posts the current cover and all the project supply packets on their website. Ever since Issue 58 was released back in April, and posted at their site,  I’ve been drooling over the Rosamund project.

I’m so excited to have this in my hands. I’m spending the day reading and dreaming about embroidery.

Do you have this magazine? Another magazine? What’s in your embroidery dream plan?

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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5 responses to “Embroidery Ideas – Inspirations Magazine #58

  1. paulahewitt

    I have been buying inspirations (its gone up here by $1 – $12.95 Australian now)for a while. I liked the rosamund project too. I think i now prefer Stitch ( a UK magazine) to Inspirations – i have a subscription to Stitch (so i dont have to wait for it to arrive in the shops)

  2. Thanks for all those links. I looked at all of them! And yes, that Rosamund purse is to die for. Nancy

  3. HI Nancy,
    Thanks for visiting! Glad you liked the links. All the Inspirations projects are so beautiful…but the Rosamund…it’s calling me! Are you going to try it too?
    alicia in Hawaii

  4. Hi, Alicia. I had to backtrack to find the site again for the Rosamund. It seems pricey when you think that YOU are the one doing all that work…lol
    But is certainly is pretty!

  5. Hi Nancy,
    lol…well…in defense of the Inspirations people…they are making it ConvenienT by having all the supplies exactly provided. Think of all the money and time you save by not shopping for that perfect match to the magazine! 😉
    I know what you mean…and it still makes you want to look at it and dream and drool…and really want to buy the materials packet…doesn’t it.
    Maybe…it’s worth the price to invest Because You are going to do all the work, and therefore, your work is Worth It. 😉
    (I haven’t been able to buy a packet yet. I’m afraid of the shipping charge to Hawaii.) lol
    Let me know if you cave in and get it…maybe I’ll be jealous enough to buy it too.
    alicia in Hawaii

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