Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, The Flip Side, Part 4

Monkey Love purse, back side

Moving on to the back of the “Monkey Love” purse.

This is the purse front from the purse pattern I created and embellished with crayon back a few posts. (The links are the end of this entry if you need to look back at them.)

Monkey Love Portrait purse front

The back has been lonely and waiting to be made!

So, first, lay out the pattern and trace around the pattern shape.

Trace Pattern to Fabric

Cut 1 of pellon on the fold. I used Decor Bond pellon.

Place on fold, cut one of pellon

Lay the pellon piece on the fabric piece. Line them up.

Here is the pellon and the fabric outline

Press with a hot iron. I use a protective fabric between the iron and the pellon to keep the iron from ruining any of the underlying material.

Line them up, press with hot iron

Here the pellon is fused to the purse shape.

The pellon is ironed to the fabric

I think I would like a zipper pocket on this back side of the purse, so I am inserting a 7″ zipper later. To mark off the zipper, fold the shape in half lengthwise. I think I’d like my zipper 3″ from the purse’s top edge.

Fold to mark zipper for pocket

Mark off half the length of the zipper in the place where you’d like the zipper. My zipper is 7″, so I marked off between 3-3.5″ since I will re-measure for a more accurate line when I sew in the zipper.

Mark half of zipper length

Unfold the fabric and mark the other half of the line you just drew. This is the entire zipper line on he wrong side of your embroidery fabric.

open flat to mark the other half of zipper line

Now, turn the fabric to the front and transfer the zipper line to the front of the fabric.

transfer mark to the front of the purse fabric

This is your design space with the zipper marked so that you can design around the zipper area.

here is the design space around the zipper line

I used Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching “Monkey Love” iron on transfers. I choose another monkey and two leaves.

picked a few transfers

Position your designs or iron on transfers.

Iron on placement, close up

Press a hot iron to the transfers.

press with hot iron

And here it is! One monkey in place in the design space.

got a monkey ironed on

Here are two leaves in the design space as well.

ironed on monkey and leaves

I transfered the lines of the edges of the purse to the front side of the embroidery fabric. This gives you a clearer picture of the entire design space.

design on and outline of bag ready for stitching

The “Monkey Love” purse now has a back. I’m off to color it with crayons to tint the fabric with crayon.

monkey love purse back side portrait

I hope you are planning and designing a few wonderful things. Please share them in your comments!

You life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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3 responses to “Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, The Flip Side, Part 4

  1. Your designs are always so cute!

  2. Melissa,
    Thanks! The iron ons are really cute.
    alicia in Hawaii

  3. Nancy

    Yea, I found the comment area…not sure HOW I found it….but I DID!
    Your tutorials are put together so well. Lots of great information, and easy enough even I can follow!! lol I found this site when you were doing the book marks…made 4. So cute, and a wonderful way to learn to make new stitches.
    Thank you for all your hard work. I love it!

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