Laud and Honor for Mary Corbet of Needle N Thread

Mary Corbet

Every so often, we need to take time to let others know how they affect our lives. They toil and yet think themselves ‘ordinary’ when they are indeed extraordinary. Without this type of tribute they may go on doing wondrous deeds and never know about the many quiet moments of appreciation we all hold for them.

This is for Mary, whose site, this month, celebrates it’s 2nd year anniversary!


I don’t normally view anyone as a hero.

As a child, my heroes, were my parents. Never had idols. Never had heroes. I always live in a reality where I been strive to be the best “me”. I have never wanted to be ‘just like’ anyone else.

I have had motivational moments. I have encountered many interesting people. But, I’ve never encountered anyone like Mary Corbet at Needle N Thread.

As I was crocheting little amigurumi dolls and having to learn how to embroider little faces, hearts, trim and goodies on my crochet critters, I’d run to my computer to my one an only, tried and true, video tutorial source at Needle N Thread. I would search for the video tutorial I’d need.

Then I’d watch it.

And watch it again.

And again.

And I’d hear Mary say…”and there you have it…the ‘french knot'”.

Her comments from the beginnings to the endings of the videos were and are always calm, assertive, and encouraging. Her tone, always positive. Her attitude, always masterful. It is what draws me back to her site. It is what makes me weave in and out of her pages on her blog.

Imagine my awe when I read that she is a full time school teacher and… she finds time to teach embroidery and…she finds time to create helpful videos and…she finds time to post them on the internet and she embroiders…and she does regular life stuff…and she posts on forums…and she contributes to lists…. No. She makes time.

I am a fellow educator by profession. I understand the trials and tribulations of teaching. I know the dedication to the physical classroom alone. Let alone, the dedication beyond that to still give something more. And with these realizations, Mary Corbet has become my first-in-my-lifetime “hero”.

Because of her site, because of her endless hours of dedication to teach, not only in a physical school situation, but also in the invisible atmosphere of the internet, because of her countless hours of ‘work’ to perpetuate the art of embroidery, because of her, I blog here.

Yes, I saw the Inspirations magazine with the little bear. Right after that, I posted on Mary‘s Needle N Thread about how I was so inspired by her, that I started my own creation. The Bougainvillea. But, it wasn’t enough for me.

Yes, I now have an insatiable desire to do thread art.

I now dream of floss, felt and needles.

That is one product of Mary Corbet‘s ability to be a motivational teacher…even across miles of invisible space…the internet. But, it is also because of her dedication to her website, because of her ability to work and play and record and upload and share, that I felt I have to do more than just stitch. These are some of the ‘other’ products of Mary‘s ability to be a motivational teacher. I have to share it all with all of you. If she can do it, then I have to. She’s selflessly given to the embroidery community. She’s trying to get people of all ages to perpetuate an art.

I’m in.

That’s the true spirit of teaching.

It is because of her that I blog here. I want it to be fun. I want people to feel the excitement of creation. I want people to just ‘try’ something new and be excited about it. I want people to ‘want to learn’. Learn anything. Take a chance. Have some fun with life. See what you can create. Say “wow” about yourself. Teachers are the cheerleaders of the world. For me, I have to learn it and pass it on. Pass on the knowledge and pass on the “feel good” feeling.

Thank you Mary, for being out there. Thank you for doing what you. I know it takes time, hard work, energy, patience and dedication. Here is my blog. I hope that it will support your efforts.

I’m cheering for you!

~alicia in Hawaii~

Find Mary Corbet (Click Here)


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8 responses to “Laud and Honor for Mary Corbet of Needle N Thread

  1. Aw, shucks! Thanks, Alicia. I blusheth!

    I think the one thing that keeps me blogging is the fact that it helps others learn to embroider! And that’s a good thing!

    Your kind words are very encouraging!

    Thank you!!!

  2. Mary,
    You are very welcome!
    alicia in Hawaii

  3. Ah, how wonderful those video’s are…I left embroidery a long time ago, but I’m back at it again! Thanks to Sharon B and Mary C!!!

  4. Hi Mieke Noor,
    Welcome back to embroidery! You just have to love the people that aid you back into the arts.
    alicia in Hawaii

  5. You have done it again, Alicia! LOL 😀 is a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing! Ms. Mary will have to watch out for all the traffic! 😀

  6. Hi Mylin,
    What? Me? Did what? lol
    Ms. Mary knew I was posting it…I wonder if she got many comments back to her…
    Her site is very helpful.
    alicia in Hawaii

  7. Meenakshi

    Hey! I fully agree with your post. Mary is really doing a great job. I got in on her site first. Was just searching about her and came across your post. I could see her photo as well 🙂 she is as beautiful as her site.

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