Embroidery Project- Notebook Cover Part 5, Creating the Rest of the Sewing Pattern

Felt supplies for pockets

Now that the stitching is done on the front cover, let’s see how much room we have to stitch on the rest of the cover. I’m looking for any design space to add any other matching critters. I’m hoping there is a small space on the back.

First, let’s figure out this pencil pocket. Here is a piece I cut after folding it like the photos below.

It could be a pocketPocket fold up

pencil Pocket outside the eraser pocket

Here is the idea behind that design. Doesn’t it look like a quiver!

Pencil quiver

That little pocket piece needs to be lined with a durable pellon so that it doesn’t fall apart too quickly. I found some Decor Bond at the Wal Mart and am using that. It’s a heavy fusible Pellon.

Decor Bond Fusible StabilizerPencil Pocket Quiver lined

Now that the back pocket idea is ready, let’s see what else needs to be lined and reinforced.

Parts with pockets ready for construction

The fold over flap needs some pellon. Again, I used the Decor Bond and fused it to the fold over flap with a hot iron.

Overlap flap needs pellonFlap with Pellon

Here is the insert flap pocket that the notebook will slide into. Both the pocket and the main cover already have Decor Bond fusible pellon backing. I ironed them on already, but that main cover really needs a covering other than just pellon.

Inside pocket flapIt folds over the book

How about a fun green polka dot to contrast the green with white polka dot?

Main piece needs liningcutting the green polka dot lining

Now to get all that to stick to each other! I used Stitch Witch to sandwich the stitched felt front cover, backed with Decor Bond, with the green polka dot felt.

Sandwich the lining with Stitch WitchClose up of lining sandwich

Heated it all with a really hot iron (cotton setting) and here is the cover with a fun, bright, finished backing.

Cover lining all fused

Now to line up the pockets again…

Final pocket lined up

And fold the entire cover for the fitting…

Main construction done

Voila! That is the final construction layout.

The back of the fold up cover

This is the final back pocket area. Now to stitch down the pencil quiver and use the yellow felt area, over there to the right of the quiver, as a new design space. After stitching down the pencil quiver of course…

Off to find a cute design for that little space. 😉

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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3 responses to “Embroidery Project- Notebook Cover Part 5, Creating the Rest of the Sewing Pattern

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  2. This is so cute! It is a great way to keep track of all your completed projects, and those special ideas!

  3. Hi Mylin,
    Thanks! I’m hoping it all works out.
    alicia in Hawaii

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