Embroidery Project- Notebook Cover Part 3, Iron On Transfers-Sublime Stitching “Monkey Love”

Colored Sketchbook Cover

I’m excited about the little sketchbook/notebook and it’s cover!

After taking a chance and just cutting the felt without a pattern, it was time for a design.

I knew the Monkeys were calling again…after all, this little booklet will dangle/attach to the Monkey Love purse after it’s all done. The monkey barrel and heart are by Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching, design pattern “Monkey Love“.

Once you decide on a design and have an iron on transfer, choose a placement and get the iron hot. Its best if you heat the fabric first, in the design area. It seems to help the lines transfer more easily.

Place iron on transfer

Press the hot iron to it.

Hot Iron

There’s the first transfer!

Monkeys in the Barrel

One more to go. Place the iron on transfer design.

Place the transfer in the final spotheart is ironed on

The transfers are on!

The iron ons are done!

Bring on the crayons! Tinting fabric with crayons is so much fun and easy to do. (If you haven’t tried it yet, Tracey, at Giggleface Studios has a great photo tutorial for tinting fabric with crayon. Click the link to take you to it.) I use Crayola crayons.

Crayons for the monkeys

Here are the little monkeys with their color.

Monkeys all colored with crayon

It’s all ready for the iron!

Line them up for the iron

Place the colored items on an absorbent towel and a sheet of paper. Place another sheet of paper over the colored area.

Paper blotter sandwich for the crayon ironing

Press the hot iron to it. Smell the wax melting! Whoo hoo!

Here’s the result. A paper with melted crayon and a great color result!

Blotted crayon

* I did re-iron my transfer OVER the colored fabric to put back some of the detail in the faces. I only ironed again in the face area. *

When you are done, you’ll have a color tinted fabric to now stitch on! Whoo hoo!

Ironing all done!

Now, you can create your own thread palette and pick your own stitches to complete your project. I’m off to stitch these little guys to match my Monkey Love purse. Each of these parts are gathering and will be put together after all the parts are done.

colored sketchbook front complete

Stay tuned! Have you tried the crayons? Working with felt? Let us know…leave us a comment…other readers are curious too! Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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