Embroidery Project- Notebook Cover Part 2, Cutting the Main Cover

Supplies for making a notebook cover

For this project let’s forego the paper pattern and try wrapping and cutting in one swoop. Why not? It might be fun to be spontaneous!

Here is my little sketchbook notebook that I found at the art store. I’ve dug through some fabric and some felt.

How about some yellow felt? The book fits opened on the felt square. So, we can cut it in half lengthwise and use it as the ‘wrap’.

notebook opened on a felt squaresketchbook is on half the felt sheet

Line up the quilt ruler and roll away with the rotary cutter…

rotary cutter

Now, wrap the sketchbook notebook with the felt to see the overall size. We need to add a piece of felt on for the flap since it is too short. To do so, overlap the edges a bit so that it will be reinforced later when sewing.

Overlap the attached feltWrapping the extra piece

Once around the end, fold the ‘flap’ piece back to add more strength to the ‘flap. Can you see it yet?

Folding some back to make a flapopening the flap

Here is what I imagined it to look like. Imagine my fingers there to be the strap that will ‘latch’ to the main purse. Think it will work?

The sketbook notebook cover as I \'saw\' it

Now, by holding the flap in place and marking with tiny pencil marks, you can mark off the embroidery design space. Any original design that you choose can be made to fit in your newly defined embroidery space. From there you can create your own thread palette and choose your own stitch patterns.

Mark the embroidery design area

For me, I think I see crayons and I know I hear Monkeys calling me!

I see Monkeys

I’m off to get the crayons and the iron. I’ll be back with some colored Monkey Love designs!

Do you have something to cover? A little purse or bag you’d like to fold up and make? Try it out. Be brave. It’s ok if it doesn’t turn out the first time…some of the best projects are born by accident.

You life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

Find Embroidered Notebook Cover Part 1(Click Here)

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