Embroidery Project- Notebook Cover Part 1, Creating a Pattern

Roaming at the ART store!!!

We finally got to roam Hawaiian Graphics. We haven’t had any money to roam or to spend and we finally got a tiny, itty bitty few dollars and we felt good about roaming the art store. For us, we know we will at least want a pencil or a pen from there, so we don’t go unless we can get a little goodie.

Artist supplies

I was inspired to grab this sketch book.

A little one.

A cute tiny one.


I don’t know.

I was hit with the inspiration that I just might be somewhere, sometime and want to doodle. Then that doodle may become an embroidery project. Thing is, I’ve tried to doodle. I’ve tried to sketch. My drawings have improved, but they are nowhere near a pattern that has inspired me to embroider…yet. But, alas, I feel that this need to get the sketchbook has lead to an embroidery project, without doodling.

Here I was, fondling the little notebook, thinking of how I could carry it with me everywhere. And, as I have absolutely NO ROOM in my current purse, and I am pretty sure there is no room in the “soon to be Monkey Purse”; a problem in need of a solution!


A notebook cover that will latch on and papoose to my Monkey Purse! It’s perfect!

Now, if only it existed.

I will let you into my designer mind. With a larger sheet of paper, *note NOT a page from the sketchbook… I drew out these brainstormed ideas.

[A flap, folds over, velcro on flap, pocket on back-big enough to hold eraser, slidy pocket for pencils, small holes to thread a strap or holder through, a clasp on the strap, holder pockets to keep the flaps of the notebook in place, a way for it to fold and close to look like a little ‘notebook cover’] From all these rapid fire ideas, I got this:

Notebook Cover Pattern

Hopefully, you can follow all the scribbles and diagrams and ‘see’ what I have envisioned for my little sketchbook, pencils, and eraser.

So, when you find yourself needing something, brainstorm a solution. Make a list, then draw out some rough diagrams or sketches to ‘birth’ your idea. This helps a LOT when it is time to move to the construction phase. You can do it. Give it a try.

I’m starting to think of the construction phase. I think I’d like this in felt or canvas. Each has it’s drawbacks and advantages.

Here is the notebook on the felt. You can see that it fits well on one-half of the felt square and I’d still have some left to use for the flaps. I will need more than one square to complete the project and may need several of the same color if I don’t want a multicolored cover.

Sketchbook Notebook on Feltsketchbook notebook on felt

Maybe the felt will need a stabilizer ironed on the back as well. I’m not sure. What do you think?

I think I’d like to stick with the Monkey Love theme and I’d like to use the tint with crayon technique yet again. If I can get as far as ironing the design on, then I can start stitching!

Any suggestions for felt or canvas? Ideas for pockets? Ideas for stabilizers? Please help. I’d appreciate any comments.

😉 Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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6 responses to “Embroidery Project- Notebook Cover Part 1, Creating a Pattern

  1. paulahewitt

    I’d do it in canvas rather than felt- i think felt would get fluffy and wear. I would use stiff interfacing like vilene. I would definatley use stabilizer with felt.. did you know you can stitch plastic with sewing machine to make see though pockets. when you’ve done this you can make a matching pencil roll…..

  2. Paula,
    You are bad. Pencil roll…did you have to go and say that. By the time I’m done, I’ll have a purse with hanging papoosed bling everywhere! 😉
    I don’t know if the plastic would be right there with the Monkeys. I kind of think-clear plastic-really shiny fabric-like a vinyl-or something thick and shimmery…stop…I haven’t even finished what I’ve got started…wait…I haven’t even started what I was thinking of starting…!!! yikes.
    alicia in Hawaii

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