Quick and Easy Embroidery Project- Embroidered Felt Bookmarks Part 5, More Sublime Stitching and Prep for Grossgrain Ribbon

Coloring the Felt Portrait

I had so much fun with the crayons when tinting the fabric for the Sublime Stitching, Monkey Love monkeys, I just had to use the crayons on the felt bookmarks. (I use Crayola crayons.)

Get out your colors and color that felt!

After posting yesterday, about thinking of rubbing felt with crayons, I got many emails wondering about how the felt would ‘take’ the crayon…the rubbing and scuffing and fluffing the nap…all that abuse. Well…as I was coloring the felt, I realized that I am not afraid of felt like other people seem to be. LOL You see, while in Louisiana, (New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, long story), I met Margrett and Lloyd and all their sheep of Running Moon Farm. I learned a lot about spinning and a lot about sheep. I also saw what that wool goes through ON a sheep. And from what I now know, felt is the result of the end all of all abuse that you could put wool through, so, a little more isn’t going to hurt it. 😉

(Again, all the ironed on designs are from Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart.) I drew my own own coffee cup.

I tried this:

Cat- white, eyes a teal

Monkeys- browns, beiges

Bird- blue, yellow

Coffee- just some tan

colors on the bookmarks

I heated the iron and got the paper sandwhich ready for the ironing.

Bookmarks Sandwhiched between paper

I held my breath and pressed the hot iron down on the bookmarks.

Melting Moments

I ironed until I could smell hot wax and saw the waxy mess on the paper.

Lots of wax appearsThe waxy mess that is left on the paper

The ironed, colored felt bookmarks are ready for stitches! The areas with crayon feel a little ‘stiff’ but they seem very durable. I did NOT iron the coffee cup because the blue pen is water soluble. Heat will set the blue pen. I will have to stitch over the blue pen, rinse out the pen, recolor with crayon, and then heat melt.

Felt after melting crayons

I chose some colors and some stitches for each bookmark.

Coffee: Back stitch (all), French Knot (center of swirls)

Start of CoffeeCoffee Stitches startDark stitches coffeecoffee stitchedCoffee done

Bird: Stem Stitch (all outline), Satin Stitch (beak) , French Knot (eye, ends of feathers)

Bird Stitches StartBird done

Cat: Stem Stitch (outline), Split Stitch (around eyes) , Granitos (eye), Satin Stitch (bow and nose), Straight Stitch (whiskers), The bow needs some ‘bling’ for the center there before adhering the grossgrain ribbon backing.

Cat-Start of outlineCat done

Monkeys: I did one in all Back Stitch, French Knot (eyes), Straight stitch (hair); the other Buttonhole Stitch(outer ears), Satin Stitch (inner ears and nose), Back Stitch (outline), Couching (outline of face), French Knot (eyes), Straight Stitch (hair), Stem stitch (mouth)

Monkey twin 1monkey twin 2both ends of monkey bookmark

The “crayon on felt” went very well. I’d call it a success! The stitching went quickly. This is a very do-able project for any beginners. It’s easy to handle with minimum effort and clean up. (Unlike paint) It’s a great way to expand your creativity even if you are a ‘seasoned stitcher’. The “crayons for tint” add so many possibilities!

Finis 4

I’m off to get the Stitch Witch fusible sheets and the grossgrain ribbon ready to attach to the backs of these. Let’s hope that part turns out well!

Get your crayons! (Now that school is out, the new school supplies are out there and on sale!)

Your life needs fun! Go ahead, have some fun!

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12 responses to “Quick and Easy Embroidery Project- Embroidered Felt Bookmarks Part 5, More Sublime Stitching and Prep for Grossgrain Ribbon

  1. Oh what a cute idea! These would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

  2. Wow. They’re looking great! I love the monkey ears!

  3. Monika

    These are sooo cute !!! Thanks for sharing and for the tut. !!!

  4. Mary,
    Whoo hoo! The ears did turn out great. Thanks for the suggestions. Your buttonhole and satin stitch worked out well! Thanks for stopping by!
    alicia in Hawaii

  5. Charity,
    Thanks for the cute comment! Thinking Christmas already…arrgghh
    I just saw your blog,
    with the cute little elephant pattern…
    (That is you, right?)
    Great idea! I’ve subscribed to yours 😉
    I hope you visit often.
    smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  6. Monika,
    Hope you make some cute crayon stuff too! Let’s see the photos.
    Thanks for visiting. 😉
    smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  7. Jeannine

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite. They’re all sweet!

    You know, not only does the buttonhole stitch on the monkey’s ears offer wonderful dimention, but the tinting does too! The bow on the cat and the body of the bird, to my eye, look as though you might have added another piece of felt on top of the first…Looks great! Can’t wait to see them with the ribbon backing!

  8. Cool idea! I never thought about coloring on felt. I guess I am one of those afraid…although I use felt in regular crafting and find it very forgiving. Now I will have to try this, you can never have too many bookmarks.

  9. These are fun Alicia

  10. Pingback: Tutorial-Backing with Grossgrain Ribbon and Stitch Witch « Curiosities 808

  11. Yep that would be me! I am indeed, unfortunately, already thinking Christmas, but only because I always fall behind on making gifts and wind up not finishing them. This year I’m determined to not let that be the case!

  12. Hi Charity,
    I always have good intent when it comes to Christmas…then I get so excited with new ideas as the time approaches that I change my mind part way through and end up starting something new to finish in a quickness. Good luck on getting the grips on Christmas early!
    alicia in Hawaii

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