Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Part 3

Find ”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Part 1 (Click Here)

Find ”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Part 2 (Click Here)

Hot off the iron! I just finished ironning the monkeys! It’s exciting! I feel like a live broadcast!

The monkeys, as we knew them yesterday, colored and awaiting the melting process:

As they were, waiting for the iron

The ominous iron. Heating…monkeys waiting for the hot sauna.

ominous iron

Making the paper sandwhich…and sheet of paper under the monkey material, and a sheet covering the monkey material.

making the paper sandwhich

Iron heated to “Really Hot”, 😉 cotton.

iron set

One last peek at the monkeys before the iron changes them forever!

Last peek

Hot iron pressing down hard on the monkeys.

Press the monkeys!

The tension grows. Will they make it? How much will they change? Will the highlight and shadow stay? Will the wax melt and make a mess?

Not much happens.

They smell.

The wax heats and melts. There is a strong odor of …melted wax… 😉 I hope the iron is still usable after all this?!

Some color starts to bleed through the paper!!

color bleeds through, lift off

Here’s the paper!

wax on the paper

How are the monkeys? Let’s take a look.Wh

post 1st iron monkeys

Whew! They made it! I thought the details might all smudge together and get fuzzy…or the wax would melt and add smudges everywhere…or the colors would appear differently than with just the raw coloring…but, no! They seem clear. They seem the right color. (The strong white highlight is gone, but it is melted in.)

I thought they needed another pressing. So, here is the second paper.

second paper

Don’t search too long. I couldn’t see ANY wax remnant on the second paper pressed and ironed.

Take a peek UNDER the monkeys. Did they leave any wax UNDER them?

Peek under the monkeys

I don’t see any wax or color on the back of the material or on the bottom blotter paper. I hope that is alright and the tint/color will stay in the material.

Here is the final tint on the fabric after 2 pressings:

both monkeys after 2 ironingsgirl monkey after 2 ironingsboy monkey after 2 ironings

Now to set it up with the QSnaps and get it ready for embroidering.

Getting the QSnaps!

Hubby made a QSnap holder for me. It’s a stand for hands free embroidery. I don’t have to hold the hoop while stitching. We saw a floor model in a store and he vowed to make one that would work with my style of stitching since I like to sit cross-legged anywhere and everywhere! I will post and write about the stand next!

Whoo hoo! I’m off to stitch the monkeys! I had a few emails saying that people were going to try the tint with crayon technique! Whoo hoo, they are trying it! Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

Find Giggleface Studios tutorial for tinting with crayons (Click Here)

Find Craftster forum with tinting with crayons information (Click Here)

Find Craftster forum about Sublime Stitching (Click Here)

Find Sublime Stitching, Jenny Hart (Click Here)



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7 responses to “Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Part 3

  1. Jeannine

    What fun! An excuse for someone my age to buy a big box of 64 brand new shiny sharp Crayola Crayons! Yay for crayons!

    I bought the crayons the day before yesterday and I’ve picked out the patterns I want to try first. And who knew that the big box of 64 has turned into a big box of 120? I’m stoked!

    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your site. I love your enthusiasm, Alicia! I look forward to many more visits. Best wishes – Jeannine

  2. Yay! Im so glad you went through with it, and everything turned out okay. The embroidery will really finish it of nicely. The QSnap sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear about that.

  3. Hi Jeannine,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m so happy that you treated yourself to brand new shiny crayons! Isn’t it just great to take such a basic tool and create something so non-traditional with it. For you to be stoked, I am stoked! My goal is for you to have fun and it sure sounds like you are having fun! Visit often and please share photos of your crayon creations. smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  4. Hi Tracey,
    I can’t wait to get the stitching on the monkeys and will have the camera set to catch all the QSnaps set up! Thanks for the comment. smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  5. I’ve tried the crayon tinting before but didn’t know you color before you embroider. Also, I didn’t know about ironing to set the colors in. It turned out really cute even though I didn’t do these two steps. It was a bit harder to color with the embroidery thread in the way. I know I colored on the thread in a few spots. My project was a framed piece so it won’t get a lot of wear and tear so I’m not too worried about the fact that I didn’t iron the piece. Thanks for posting this so that I can do it the proper way for the next project. Have a great day!

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  7. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    I had never heard of tinting fabric with crayons until I read about it at Craftster.org on the Needlework forum disscussion.
    I’m glad that the information here on my blog helped you.
    I’m sure your project piece is safe and durable. There were discussions on Craftster about ironing before or after stitching as well as never ironing at all. Each had positive results.
    I chose to try the Giggleface Studios tutorial to guide my projects. I’m happy that you have a source that you enjoy to help you too!
    Visit often! I’ll be sure to keep you busy, and hopefully inspired to try new things!
    smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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