Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Part 2

Whoo hoo! Coloring is fun! Crayola’s nifty 96 pak crayon box has colors that I wouldn’t have ever thought of…although…come to think of it, I am colorblind. lol

96 crayons picture

The “Sublime Stitching-Monkey Love” monkeys got their coats.

Starting the brown on the monkeys

I followed the tutorial from Giggleface Studios. I outlined the areas then cross hatched some colors for filling in the spaces.

Brown outline on boy

Here are the browns for the monkeys.

Browns together

Here are the greens for the vines and leaves.

greens and highlights

all colored

I added white for some highlights…

Boy Monkey Done

Girl Monkey Done

and purple for some shadows… (I learned, when painting, to mix adjacent colors to make the shadow, or use purple as a shadow instead of black. I thought I’d try it here and see what happens.)

Close Up Purple Chin

Close Up Purple Seat

Close Up Purple Leaf 1

Close Up Purple Leaf 2

There is purple under the ‘boy’s’ chin and under the rump of the ‘girl’ sitting on the vine. I added a little in the center of each leaf too.

Now, they are waiting for the iron. I almost hate to put them under the iron. I am ironing them today. Will they survive the melt-fest?! I’m so scared. What will they look like tomorrow?

Monkey Love Portrait

Want to try it out? Get your crayons…get some fabric…get coloring. You life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! 😉

Find “Sublime Stitching, Monkey Love” part 1 – Click Here


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4 responses to “Embroidery Project-Original Sewing Pattern Purse-”Monkey Love” Sublime Stitching, Part 2

  1. You’re quit the color-er-er! Nice job.

  2. Thanks! *blush* smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  3. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I also like your tip about mixing adjacent colors for shading! I didn’t know that, and it probably helps give a better depth than black.

  4. Hi Tracey!
    Glad to see “The” Giggleface Studios creator commenting here! Thanks so much for the comment. Experiment with the color mixing and with the purple and see what turns out. Have fun with it! smiles, alicia in Hawaii

    *everyone, you have to see Tracey’s pillow, it’s adorable!

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