Quick and Easy Embroidery Project- Embroidered Felt Bookmarks Part 3, Blanket Stitch Looped

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Pink bookmark Portrait

Dr. Seuss’ Truffilla trees? Crop Circles? What IS this?!

I am trying out the Blanket Stitch (Looped) and the Rope Stitch for the very first time on this bookmark.

The Embroiderer’s Handbook shows this stitch, Blanket Stitch (Looped), “in the round” using 2 concentric circles. I used hubby’s handy dandy bottle of eye drops as a pattern guide.

Draw first circleDraw the Inside circle

Handy Tools

Now to stitch onto the pink felt. Just trying to get the thread onto the felt with the first few stitches was difficult.

Start up stitching

Here is the first trial at the stitch. It is stitched with 2 strands DMC floss.

First round everThe first motif

After completing that one flower and seeing the gaps in the rounds I tried it with 4 strands DMC floss. Here is the second trial.

Start of the second circleSecond circle filledThe Second circle\'s start

This is the third trial. Again, stitched with 4 strands DMC floss.

Motif 3

I really enjoyed this stitch. It is a tough one to just pick up and get perfect. I know this isn’t the end of the ‘practice’ nor is it perfected, but I really like the overall look. After all, the tallest flower is the oldest…so it can be a little more ‘worn’ right?

I used a Pigma pen to draw in some squiggles for the stems.

Wiggly Stems

I enjoy stitching the stem stitch, so for the stem, I forced myself NOT to use the stem stitch. Instead, I attempted the rope stitch, in black. I like the black on the bright pink. This stitch is really fun to make! I would definitely use this one again.

Here are the stems. My first trial was the littlest stem with 4 strands of DMC floss. I thought that was a little too thick to the other 2 are done with 2 strands DMC floss.

Rope stitch startMotif 3 and stem

Finished stems

I’m off to make another bookmark with a few more new stitches. After those are done, I will test out a few backings. Are you making a stitch sample bookmark? Write to me and let me know.

Pink Bookmark Final Shot

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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4 responses to “Quick and Easy Embroidery Project- Embroidered Felt Bookmarks Part 3, Blanket Stitch Looped

  1. Fun! The bookmark looks great – and I love the buttonhole stitch for the flowers. Nice job!

  2. Great job!! You’re inspiring me to start a sampler.

  3. Great idea! A sampler would be interesting. Would you make it on felt? I hope you send or post a few photos of your project. I’d love to see it as it comes together. smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  4. Hi Mary!
    I can’t believe it’s you! I’m so honored that you’ve commented on my truffila trees. Thanks! smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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