Embroidery Project -Celtic Knot Embroidery- Miniature Messenger Bag for Animation Puppet-Part 2

Goblin-to-be puppet with his messenger bagYesterday’s post was Part 1 of the Miniature Messenger Bag with the Celtic Knot Embroidery. (Click Here to see yesterday’s post)

Today, we are looking at stitching the Celtic knot and sewing the finishings of the little messenger bag. When we left off last time, we were looking at “goblin puppet”, the green thread choice and the pattern chalked out on the white outlined black fabric.

Where to start stitching

The thread here is green wrapped in gold. The label says, Altin Basak, with a number 50 on it. I got these all from ebay a while back. I believe they were from India. I have these in my stash to crochet miniature dolls, bears and faeries (fairies). 😉 The thread weight is equivalent, I think, to a 30 crochet thread. This thread is not suitable to split.

Green Thread

Since this is a prop for an animation film, I thought that a thicker thread would show up on camera better than a floss. You have to be able to SEE the bag while hubby films his puppet right?

Needle in Celtic Knot

Using the thread doubled, I took each stitch twice. Each area has 4 strands showing. The needle here is just barely up in the fabric, bringing the thread back to the front. (Photo above)

Celtic Knot done

The knot is done!

I did couch down the threads in a few places to ensure a ’rounder shape’ in several spots of the knot. I used a matching DMC floss, 1 strand only, to do this.

After finishing the knot, I cut out the little bag, just inside the white line, to prepare it for an edging. I used scroll stitch here in a black/grey DMC floss to edge the flap of the bag. I continued with that thread to blanket stitch the bag closed on the sides.

Here it is!

Miniature Messenger Bag with Celtic Knot

And, the soon to be completed Goblin is happy with his little bag.

A Happy Ending

This was a really fun project. I liked the challenge of creating my own pattern for a usable little item! I hope you will be daring and create your own little pattern for a bag or purse. The methods would be similar, you’d just need larger paper and material. 😉 Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

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