Embroidery Project -Celtic Knot Embroidery- Miniature Messenger Bag for Animation Puppet-Part 1

Hi everyone! For those of you just stopping by, and those that haven’t realized it yet, I have been dedicated to write an entry here daily. (15 days plus as of today!…Whoo hooo!) This helps me to not only get busy and stitch all kinds of things, but to also give you something juicy and inspirational to read about (I hope) and it gives you a bundle of new photos to gaze upon each day. If you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to the new posts there on the right hand column. 😉


Guess what\'s new now?!

Well, in the middle of my bookmark experiment, (part 1 here, part 2 here),hubby scrutinized the little shoulder bag for my little felt teddy bear, (found here) and announces that he would like a little messenger bag for his new and upcoming star puppet for his stopmotion animation, visual Haiku, on http://www.stopmoshorts.com. (click here for that info.and link to the finished videos) There are links to hubby’s blog about stopmotion animation and to his youtube videos of completed videos in the right hand column here in the sidebar. -> that way -> -> ->

So, I set off to design and create his little messenger bag yesterday!

First, I had to create a pattern, based on the size of the puppet. Using copy paper, I drew out a roundish, curvy purse-like shape, folded it a few times to get it symmetrical, traced it on the door with sunlight acting as my light-box, and cut out the pattern. (Don’t notice my dirty fingernails and the nail that the cat chewed off when it attacked me!)

Creating the pattern

Fold it upFolding the flap

After making the pattern, I had to figure out how to get this pattern shape onto the BLACK fabric that hubby chose for his mini messenger bag. (Don’t you just HATE transferring patterns to dark fabrics!) I have a stash of scrapbooking supplies, and I knew there were some white markers of some sort that work on dark papers. I thought “Hey, maybe they will work for fabric!”; I found one and thought I’d give it a go!

Place the pattern down, and trace the outline of the pattern with the white “Galaxy Marker” pen. (We bought this while still in Louisiana, at Michael’s or at Hobby Lobby. I have NOT found this pen here in Hawaii.) Voila! It works!!!

The white pen

Outline the patternwhite outline

Now to figure out the Celtic Knot pattern. I was bad. I surfed the net for images and found several for hubby to choose from. He picked this one. I had to reduce the image size to fit the miniature bag. Then I traced it out with a pencil and poked little holes in the 3 corners and in the places where I would have to bring my needle to the other side of the thread.

Reduce the imagePoke the little holes

I then used a chalk pencil to dab at the the little holes so that I would end up with little white dots on the black fabric. These little dots will allow me to figure out where to come up and go down into the fabric. Fun, fun!

Little holes with chalkPoints all chalked

Now for the color choices. (This is the best part…)

I have a stash of crochet thread and perle cotton, sizes 5,8, 10,30,75. These are all for my miniature crochet dolls, bears, and faeries (fairies). I thought I’d offer up some threads in size 8 for hubby to choose from for his little mini messenger bag. I like to spend a long time glazed over looking at all the pretty thread… lol .

I looked at all the choices…

Many Color Choices

And pulled just 5 for him to choose from. [I picked colors that I thought would go well with his puppet (a not-yet-finished-goblin) as well as colors I wanted to work with!] Here are the narrowed choices:

Narrowed choices

From these, he chose…

The Green!

(I knew he would…he always picks green!) He said it was green for the Irish roots of the Celtic Knot. 😉

Here is the material and the thread waiting to be embroidered as a Celtic Knot for the miniature messenger bag. The little Goblin puppet is in his “yet-to-be-completed” stage and will no doubt undergo major skin and feature changes by the time he is done.

Awaiting stitching

Off to stitch the bag…it will be posted tomorrow in Part 2!

I hope you will try to create a small sewing pattern too. You can then have some fun choosing a great design pattern to embroider and choosing some wonderful colors from your stash…or it will give you an excuse to Buy some New colors…;) Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

Please post comments or questions here. I answer ALL comments daily… and would love to hear from you!


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3 responses to “Embroidery Project -Celtic Knot Embroidery- Miniature Messenger Bag for Animation Puppet-Part 1

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  2. Your posts are terrific! yeah,yeah..Iam having fun 🙂

  3. Thanks! I’m glad you are having fun too…;)
    smiles to you, alicia in Hawaii

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