Embroidery as Embellishment- Amigurumi Crochet Butterfly, LadyBug, and Bee Dolls

Hi everyone! Yesterday I did not have any time to finish embroidering the little bears handbag or hat brim, so today I will treat you with a cute little group of friends. Portrait Insect DollsThey are all done with only one stitch, the single crochet. I started with amigurumi (japanese style doll crochet, all done with the single crochet stitch) when hubby and I were displaced because of Hurricane Katrina. Hubby was US Coast Guard and we evacuated north to Alexandria, Louisiana on Coast Guard orders. We lost EVERYTHING in our house, were living in a hotel for a year, and I needed a hobby, art outlet, that was compact, little and took a minimal size of ‘stash’. I had revived my crochet just prior to all that, so, after surfing the net a bit, I found amigurumi. (There is more of this previous life on my ‘Other Realm Blogs’, see link in right hand column here…don’t forget to come back!) I love crochet. Now, I love embroidery. They are both equally pleasing to me and I struggle to decide which to play with when I am feeling creative. 😉

The Line Up

I found these adorable crochet doll patterns on Etsy. For Christmas, or was it my birthday?, I asked for these little patterns…and voila! I started creating them with much excitement! There is a dark hair, dark eyed, sweet butterfly, a gentle blond, blue eyed ladybug, and…a rascal, redhead, green eyed, bee. (My mom is blond, with blue eyes, Hubby is a redhead with green eyes…so don’t send me hate mail) The dolls are crocheted with sports yarn, hair is stitched with DMC floss. Only thing, I didn’t know how to embroider and I had to learn to do the hair and yes, all that embellishment on the butterfly.

The Line Up, Mooning

I wanted my crocheted butterfly doll to be a butterfly we have here in Hawaii. (Did you know, we only have 2 butterflies here…) So, orange it would have to be. Believe it or not, the day I chose to embroider the little butterfly wings, behold, a monarch landed on our bougainvillea and sat there long enough for me take a long look at it. Talk about models sent from the universe!

Butterfly Doll WingsLadybug and Bee

I stitched along and am very happy with the butterfly and the hair of these little crochet dollies. The bee’s wings were fun to make and the little ladybug was a lot of fun too. The bee even has a little stinger! You can’t see it too well in this photo…but it’s there!(btw the little red lady bug is NOT a lady bug we have here either…we have the little black ones…) (oh, we don’t have the bumble bee here either, only the honey bee…)

Waiting In Line

They are so cute! They look like they are waiting in line…

I have several others in the ‘in progress’ bag waiting for their hair to be ‘grown’…I even have a dragon experiment in there that I created as a ‘variation’ of the pattern. I will have to dig them out and finish them, don’t you think? Group Smiles

Go and create something fun! Share it with me… I’d Love to hear from you…Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!



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11 responses to “Embroidery as Embellishment- Amigurumi Crochet Butterfly, LadyBug, and Bee Dolls

  1. paulahewitt

    very cute!

  2. Carolyn

    Hi Alicia! This is Carolyn Geoffrey from Sassy Witches group.

    I love your little amigurumi dolls. They are so sweet! It inspires me to try this for my little English granddaughter …

    Thank you.


  3. Hi Carolyn, Thanks for the happy comment! I’m so glad that you’ve been inspired to try one! whoo hoo whoo hoo to you!!! Please share you photos and stories with me when you are done. 😉 alicia in Hawaii

  4. Karen

    Hi Alicia,
    Your little dolls are beautiful! I’m a recent amigurumi convert, too…

  5. Hi Karen,
    Amigurumi is just such a fun crochet thing, isn’t it?! The little things you can make are just adorable … and although they are far from practical…well…they are just…adorable! (That makes it alright, right?)
    Have you tried the Japanese amigurumi books? They really are great. You need to be able to read the diagram instructions, but once you get the hang of it, it is sooooo easy, you’ll wish all directions are done in diagram.
    Thanks for visiting and I hope you drop in often. Share some of your amigurumi. People would love to see them!
    alicia in Hawaii

  6. It’s so funny
    very very good
    I like it.
    bye !! kiss mymi

  7. Katie

    What sweet and wonderful dolls. You did a wonderful job. I am jealous and now want some of my own! The butterfly wings are amazing!

  8. Diane Massing

    Can you please tell me the name of the pattern that this was on ETSY, and the buyer info? I would like to purchase this pattern too. I want to make some ladybug dolls. Thanks.

  9. I have a friend of mine whose daughter suffers from SMA these would be adorable for her daughter if they are “light weight” I would love to order her a set of the ladybug and Butterfly if the butterfly could be orange I am not talented to crochet them but adorable

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