Embroidery Project Update-Shoulder Bag Progress /Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine with Bullion Knot Stitch Daisies

Shoulder bag and next pattern

Now that the little bear’s dress is embroidered, [see previous posts also] I went on to the little shoulder bag. I DID NOT cut out the little bag until AFTER the embroidery was done. (finally followed the directions, thank you very much!) It really was a lot easier to hold on to while the little bitty parts were still attached to the felt sheet. Those directions are there for a reason I guess. 😉

The little shoulder bag has a small bullion knot daisy embroidered in the corner with little french knot buds and forget-me-nots, detached chain stitch leaves, just like the dress. It uses the same flowers and stems, yet it all looks so different on the felt. (ah, the wonderful gift of embroidery…always different…)

Shoulder bag and pocket only

My camera does some weird things with the color whenever using the flash, so I’ve posted 2 pictures to show the color and the stitches of this one.

Should Bag close up -darkShoulder bag close up- light

Here’s the pocket that goes on the inside. (yes, the INSIDE…can you believe that!)

Shoulder bag pocket

Here’s the little shoulder bag all folder up. It still needs its seems and strap and I’ll post those pictures after the project is completed.

Folded Shoulder Bag frontFolder Shoulder Bag back

Shoulder bag inside pocket stitching

The pink felt is for the lining of the little handbag. From what I can tell, the next little bag, the little “handbag”, holds a thimble. The dark green has the outlines for the little thimble handbag and the dark green hat and brim.

Pink felt handbag patternHandbag pattern pink and green

I’m off to embroider the little thimble handbag and the little hat. Hopefully I can post them here tomorrow, if not, I have some cute little surprises waiting to post their debut!

Until then, please comment or email. I’m always happy to see what other people are doing and always glad to help. Have some fun with your art! You life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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  1. the shoulder bags that my girlfriend uses are always made up from natural leather ~'”

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