Embroidery Project Update-Pocket Progress /Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine with Bullion Knot Stitch Daisies

Hi again! I managed to get back to the Little Teddy Bear. She needs her clothes!

I needed to get away from the computer to get back to stitching!

Little Bear\'s Pockets in progressLittle Bear Pockets

Read more about the start of this project is here on this blog. (Click link: Don’t forget to come back now!)

I managed more bullion knot daisies with more stem stitch on the front pocket. There are more french knot buds for the little buds and forget-me-nots. I followed the pattern and colors even though my material must be a bit darker than the one they used to create the sample. The greens for the stems and flowers don’t show up much, but, I still like it.

Front Pocket Group Flowers

The back pocket is a cute litte felt cutout of a beehive stitched and stuffed onto the pocket, then embellished with chain stitch and blanket stitch. The little bees are french knots and the wings are done up with a gold cord I have. (could even be japan gold…I don’t even know…I found it in my stash)

Pocket Back, BeehiveEntire Pocket Back, Beehive

The dark felt the little pieces are on is actually marked off with the little purse pattern that I plan to embroider next. You can’t see it much in the group picture up top, so I took a “flash frightened” one just to prove that I am tracing out the pattern pieces…and I will have to mantra NOT to cut the piece out UNTIL it is embroidered. Yes, I realized way too late that I cut the other little parts out BEFORE embroidering…which made it a little more wiggy to hold onto while embroidering. You would think I learned my lesson…yet, I did it a SECOND time…same mistake. So, this time, I am keeping the scissors far from me until I am done with all the stitching! Beginners mistakes.

Purse Outline on felt

Wish me luck on the progress.

Please leave me a few comments. I really enjoy reading them. Let’s me know that there is SOMEONE out there that may be gleaning some inspiration from all these pictures and posts. Hopefully it is as fun for you to read as it is for me to post. Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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4 responses to “Embroidery Project Update-Pocket Progress /Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine with Bullion Knot Stitch Daisies

  1. paulahewitt

    me again (I feel like a stalker now LOL) – i wanted to let you know i made a little pincushion – lots of fun, im going to post it on my blog soonish! planning to make more as soon as I get a source of caps.

  2. Whoo hoo whoo hoo whoo hoo!!! You made a pincushion! I can’t wait to see it! and I’m tickled that …You Had Some Fun! You will have to enlist all your neighbors and family to gather the caps…they will think you are nuts, but, hey, they may not bother you then eh? lol I don’t mind the stalking…I rather appreciate it! 😉 Great to hear from you again, smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  3. Your stitching is beautiful – I have been reading your blog since I found you on Stitchin fingers but life has been busy!

  4. Hi Marg…thanks for coming back. I hope I can post enough interesting and inspiring items to keep you coming back for me. 😉 smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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