Beaded Embroidery Project-Beaded Berry/Berries Full Size Pincushion

Beaded Berry/Berries Full Sized Pincushion

While hanging out in my local, most favorite, stitchery store, Fiddlesticks (believe it or not, they do not have a website), my hubby found a great bead embroidery book. Beautiful Bead Embroidery published by Country Bumpkin.

Within it, there are projects for beaded berries. Which look like the cover of one of their Inspirations Magazines; Click Here to see berry cover. He was so enamoured with them…he couldn’t get over how real the berries looked and he was so impressed, he thought it necessary for me to have the book…and to embroider the berries.

Well, I’ve been through a beading phase, so beading, I can do. I opened the book, learned that the projects are for jar lids…and determined that a jar lid is not a useful project for me. So, I thought of my little bottle cap pincushions. Yet, a bottle cap pincushion just seemed too small for a cluster of berries to either sit up top of or to hang off the sides of. So, I thought it best to make the berries to adorn a full size pincushion.

I used felt for the body construction of the pincushion. The pincushion is sewn with Kreinik gold filament(2 strands), embellished with a vintage gold button, and topped with a scrumptious yummy cluster of berries. Berries are made with Mill Hill beads, as per the book instructions.

I didn’t get any pictures of it’s creation in progress, but, here is the final product.

Beaded Berries Close Up

Beaded Berry/Berries Full Size Pincushion

Beaded Berry/Berries pincushion size

And, being the southern gentleman that my hubby is…he says…after all that I went through to create this beauty….”Wow! Looks like a doughnut!” He’s so funny.


Since I had the beads out…I went ahead and made up a little design and added a few to a “quick and easy bottle cap pincushion”:

Beaded Glamour Bottle Cap Pincushion

Have you made any beaded embroidery items? Berries? If so, I’d love to hear form you and see your pictures.

If you are a beginner at embroidery or even a beginner at beaded embroidery, you may want to try l little cluster of berries to adorn a small quick and easy project. Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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2 responses to “Beaded Embroidery Project-Beaded Berry/Berries Full Size Pincushion

  1. Monika

    You crack me up with what you mentioned about the : ….”Wow! Looks like a doughnut!” .

    I think is really beautiful, you did great with the berries !

  2. Thanks Monika! Glad you got a good giggle too. It’s always great to hear good comments! 😉 alicia in Hawaii

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