Quick and Easy Embroidery Project- Basic Bottle Cap Pincushions

I found an absolutely fun, extremely quick, totally perfect canvas for quick, little, and (could be) easy, embroidery project! All thanks to a book I perused at my local B&N, Pretty Little Pincushions. The bottle cap pincushion, which inspired me most, came from Jen Segrest. (Her pincushions are on the cover of the Lark Book) I did a LOT of poking around her many links and sites and dove right in to give it a go! When I found this site, I knew we had many, many, many bottle caps. My dad is an avid, and I mean obsessively avid, “recycle-er” of bottles and cans. My mom drinks Joint Juice daily. A match made in pincushion embroidery heaven!

These little bottle cap pincushions are easily made out of felt, can be embellished in an infinite number of ways, are absolutely useful, and are so little you won’t get tired or bogged down with them as a project! They are just calling for your original embroidery designs, painted fabric ideas, silk ribbon embroidery, or any other inspirational designs and whims you would love to pour out on these little do-dads.

I find that I can do one as a ‘break’ from any other activity. Each is a vast canvas for stitchery practice, unlimited creative blossoming, or…well…let’s face it…Fun! Your life needs fun! Go ahead, have some fun!

Making up the little felt creatures are just as fun as embroidering on them. The felt is inexpensive, easy to sew (no fraying seams to mess with), color happy, versatile and very forgiving! I can choose from any threads available in my cool yarn, thread, wool, filament stash and find a zillion ways to attach them to the felt.

Here are just a few of my beginning pincushions.

Fan Lace Portrait

Flower Field Portrait

Sakur Portrait

Here is the whole gang of un-embroidered, destined to be masterpiece, pincushions. 😉 (I told you I had a lot of fun making them up!)

Pincushion Gang

After making these basic ones, I had person request for a special pincushion. I will post that pincushion tomorrow, in a separate entry. *An–ti–ci–pa–tion…*


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6 responses to “Quick and Easy Embroidery Project- Basic Bottle Cap Pincushions

  1. paulahewitt

    these are very cute – I will have to make one. they remind me of little cup cakes

  2. paulahewitt

    me again! I just nominated you for an award. dont feel you have to pass it on if you dont have time, but I wanted to let people know about your great embroidery!

  3. Monika

    I have this book and got it from B&N too ! This book is lovely, I have to make some bottlecaps pincushions , that’s on my to do list for embroidery projects.
    Yours are sooo pretty and cute !!! Thanks for sharing !

  4. Paula, Little cupcakes are a great idea! Make some up and share your photos too! smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  5. An award nomination?! Whoo hoo…I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much Paula. smiles, alicia in Hawaii

  6. Monika, I’m sure that you love making the little pincushions. They are so quick to make up! Please share the photos of your creations once they are done. I can’t wait to see what kinds of pincushions you make. smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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